Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Review – Is It Worth Buying?

orvis encounter fly rod review
orvis encounter fly rod review

Orvis might not be as well known when you’re looking at the premium tier fishing rods, but it is one of the best options for mid-range fly rods.

So, if you have been fishing for a few months and are not ready to switch to premium options like Sage or Scott, then upgrading to an Orvis unit will serve you perfectly.

It is not that expensive, and you can get some amazing options from this brand. One of the more popular models from this brand is known as Orvis Encounter.

This rod is primarily used for catching trout, and you will have a comfortable trip with this piece of equipment.

Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Review

Orvis Encounter is a mid-tier fly rod with a graphite build and a four-piece travel system to help anglers with the storage. You will get the standard rod tube from Orvis, which is pretty elegant and keeps your equipment safe.

Even though anglers have mentioned decent fishing results when targeting smallmouth bass, this rod excels in catching trout. 

So, you should go with this rod if you’re looking for a reasonable price point and a good option for trout fishing. It will perfectly match your needs, and you won’t have to switch to other brands.

As long as you’re prioritizing comfort over other aspects, going with the Orvis Encounter is not that bad an option. You will find this rod to be perfectly suitable for your budget.

The only thing that is lacking in this rod is its durability. You don’t have to worry about a thing as long as you’re sticking close to the operating range of this rod.

It is not the best, but it is certainly not the worst. Just think of this rod as the best entry level option that you will have to switch later on. 

However, if the water conditions are a bit too rough and you’re targeting larger fish consistently, then you’re bound to run into durability issues. Other than that, many anglers have been amazed by the casting ease and the versatility of this rod.

The performance of Orvis Encounter at mid-range is no joke. Even though you can’t expect distance casting from this stick, it is unmatched in the middle to short range.

You will find experts praising this rod when you’re talking about the mid range performance. 


This range is perfect for catching trout, and this rod is designed to maximize your efficiency in catching trout. So, there is no harm in giving this rod a try if you’re interested in catching trout for your fishing trip.

So far, anglers seem to be pretty satisfied with the performance of Orvis Encounter. This rod can be defined as a good investment, and there isn’t a better rod in the market when you’re talking the same price point.

So, you should consider its superior value to money to be the differentiating factor while making the final purchase decision.

Overall, Orvis Encounter is the better choice for your budget. It is a good value unit that offers optimal efficiency and casting ease to the anglers. Even after hours of use, you won’t feel a thing, and the rod will give the same precise casts.

So, if you like to go on long fishing trips and don’t want to stop taking breaks, then going with Orvis Encounter is not a bad choice. You will get a good warranty, and the market sentiment is pretty decent on this brand.

As long as you’re concerned about shorter casts, going with the Orvis Encounter is the best option. It dominates in the regions between 10 to 40 feet. So, if you’re aiming for the same range, then there is no harm in testing it out.


When considering all metrics like versatility and basic structure, there is still room for improvement.

However, that doesn’t mean that Orvis Encounter is a bad rod. Instead, you can think of it as a budget friendly option that will serve countless customers when they are first getting into fishing. 

If you’re also new to fishing, we understand that it can be overwhelming to find the right rod. Hence, picking Orvis Encounter will allow you more time to explore your style and modify your tenquire for better overall results.

The Downside

Now that you know all the reasons that will push you towards purchasing the Orvis Encounter fly rod, let’s discuss some points that will discourage you from purchasing this system.

It is not all sunshine and rainbows and performance can vary from person to person.

The first concern that is brought forward by most experts is that it is a struggle to line up the segments because of the missing dots or pointers near the ferrules.

This can create some problems when it comes to perfecting the performance of the rod, and you’ll be pretty annoyed. 

Next, when it comes to the reel seat, you will have to struggle a fair bit to find the right fix. It can be a hassle to tighten up the connection, and you can even risk hardware issues when trying to jam the reel into place properly.

Sadly, there are no quick fixes to these issues and you will have to play around these complications.

For this reason, it is not that hard to see experts avoiding the Orvis Encounter when compared with other rods. So, have that in mind when you can’t seem to figure out the right rod. 

Think of Orvis Encounter as the perfect rod for people that are just getting into fishing.

If you’re new to fishing and don’t want to hassle with all the specifics and need an affordable rod, just try it out. It won’t sting your budget, and you can always switch to a better rod in the long run.

As far as building the foundation is concerned, this rod is more than enough to help you with a comfortable and effective fishing trip.

So, have that in mind when you can’t seem to figure out the perfect system for your next fishing trip.

How Does It Compare To The Redington Path?

Redington Path is the closest option you’ll find when it comes to replicating the fishing results brought forward by Orvis Encounter. Both of these rods are pretty decent and bring the same rod action to the anglers.

However, you will be compromising on some of the casting smoothness to enjoy a better build quality in Redington Path.

So, if you’re not that concerned about the casting ease and have a bit of experience under your belt, then there is no harm in going with Redington Path.

On the other hand, if you value comfort more than the robust build of the fly rod, then going with Orvis is the only real choice.

For most anglers, the final differentiator is how the rod feels in their hands. So, take out both of these rods and test them out for a few casts.

Preferences can vary from person to person, and you should pick the rod that feels better in your hands.

That way, you won’t have to worry about comfort as you’re going through your fishing trip. Hopefully, this will pick you the right stick between Orvis Encounter Fly rod and Redington Path.

Still, if you can’t seem to finalize the purchase on your end, just ask the local experts to help you out.

fishing rod water

They will tell you about the performance of both rods in your local fishing conditions, and you won’t have to get stuck with a bad rod. 

Just tell the veterans about your requirements, and they will help you explore more options. That way, you will not have to over complicate the situation for yourself, and it will be fairly simple to find the right rod for your setup.

The Takeaway

When you’re talking about the Orvis encounter reviews, it is not that hard to deduce that this rod has been pretty successful in the market.

The performance from this system has been amazing and you won’t have to go through any extensive challenges as long as you’re a beginner.

When you get more experienced, you might feel the need to switch to a better rod for more control and larger fish.

However, when you’re not that worried about larger fishing and just want to enjoy a comfortable fishing trip, then this rod can serve you indefinitely. 

If you’re still concerned and don’t want to risk your cash, then go and ask local veterans about the performance of Orvis Encounter in your local regions.

You will find that this rod is perfectly suitable for your budget, and you will not feel the need to switch to any other brand.

Lastly, you can ask the Orvis support members directly about the issues that are listed here. They might just help you with a newer model that doesn’t present the same errors.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out and get help from the officials that are available 24/7 for your convenience. 

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