Left Handed vs the Right Handed Baitcaster (For Beginner)

left handed baitcaster vs right handed
left handed baitcaster vs right handed

The added variations of many fishing accessories bring a ton of value to anglers that have a unique fishing style. Even though beginners should stick with the general-purpose equipment at first, it is still a good idea to demo different pieces. Doing this will allow you to enhance your understanding of different units that can be added to your fishing setup. A lot of users have recently asked about the Left Handed vs the Right Handed Baitcaster. If you’re also confused about the unique aspects of these variants, let’s cover these products for a brief moment.

Left Handed vs the Right Handed Baitcaster: Which Suits You Better?

Left Handed Baitcaster

Even though the basic functionality behind these fishing reels is quite similar, it can be quite difficult to find a good left-handed bait caster. The main reason behind this issue is that the market segment for left-handed anglers is not substantial enough. So, many of the smaller or bigger brands don’t bother with the production of left-handed equipment. This helps the fishing accessory brands maintain a better portfolio without having to diversify on left-handed fishing reels. With that said, you shouldn’t expect a tremendous variety of fishing reels for your setup.

However, a lot of anglers have been switching to left-handed reels in recent years. Even though these anglers are righthanded, having a left-handed Baitcaster provides a ton of benefits. The biggest reason why so many people have been shifting towards the use of left-handed Baitcaster is the castability of the unit. Experts have pointed out that when righthanded anglers try to cast, they use the right hand and then switch the rod into the left hand to pull in the fish.

This hand switch can cause several issues when you’re trying to fight a larger fish. So, if you are a beginner, it is best to start developing the habit of using the non-dominant hand to pull out the line. This will eliminate the switching process, and you won’t have to switch to the left hand after your cast the rod with your right hand.

Similarly, if you’re left-handed, then it is actually better to rely on the use of a right-handed reel. The use of non-dominant hands for your fishing reel is arguably one of the best things that you can do to improve your fishing technique. Hopefully, this helps you make a better purchase decision about the left-handed or right-handed Baitcaster.

Right Handed Baitcaster

It is true that using the reel with your right hand can be relatively easier. However, many people have recently been shifting towards the use of left-handed Baitcaster. The main reason behind this shift is that people have realized the convenience of using their left hand to bring in the line. Using the left-handed Baitcaster allows users to eliminate the switching process. Additionally they can keep the rod in their right hand after casting the line. So, if the fish bites as soon as you cast, it is easier to respond quickly.

With that said, if you’re left-handed, then going with a right-handed Baitcaster is a better option. So, depending upon the hand you use for casting the line, you can either decide to choose Left-Handed or Right-Handed Baitcaster. Aside from the change in the position of the handle, there are no major differences between these reel variants. You will still get the same functionality from the unit. To make the right purchase decision, you will have to evaluate your fishing style. After that, go for the Baitcaster variant that matches your non-dominant hand.

It will indeed be quite challenging in the beginning to develop the habit of using your non-dominant hand for bringing in the line. However, with time, it will become easier to manage the new Baitcaster variant. Within a few months, you will notice substantial improvements in your fishing technique as you keep using the dominant hand for casting and the non-dominant hand for pulling in the line.

If you’re a beginner, then it’s best to start with a left-handed Baitcaster. That way, you won’t have to waste any time in forgetting the old habits, and you can continue to cast with your dominant hand. Refer to your local anglers for more information on this topic.

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