Sep 052010

We decided to head South to Octoraro Reservoir in beautiful Lancaster County PA to look for some Largemouth Bass.  The reservoir is a beautiful body of water and the Functional Fishaholics want to thank the Chester Water Authority for maintaining such a great fishing spot.

Starting off we ended up in the shallow part of the lake mostly catching Bluegills on topwater lures.  As the day went on we decided to head down closer to the deeper water near the dam.

Octoraro Reservoir Little Largemouth Bass

Jeff caught the fist Largemouth Bass of the day!  This one was only about 4″.  We decided that we couldn’t in good faith even include this one in our fish count but at least we found the Bass!

Octoraro Reservoir Largemouth Bass

This was my first Largemouth Bass of the day.  He attacked a Perch crankbait I had.

Octoraro Reservoir Largemouth Bass fishing

Jeff caught another Largemouth, this time it was big enough to be counted!

Octoraro Reservoir Bass Fishing

My second Largemouth Bass was a great catch!  He went after a silver floating Rat-L-Trap.

Octoraro Reservoir Chanel Catfish

As the day went on we were having less luck.  With little time left on our boat rental I decided to throw a nightcrawler on and came up with one of Octoraro’s Channel Catfish.

All things considered we had a pretty good day out on Octoraro Reservoir.  I would make the trip again as I think there are a lot more Bass and Catfish to be caught!

I want to give special thanks to the staff at the tackle shop who were VERY helpful in pointing out great fishing spots on the lake.  They have a great selection of tackle and bait as well as very reasonable boat rental prices.

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