Oct 192010

Outdoor blogger network

Some of you may have noticed the new Outdoor Blogger Network icon on the right hand side of the page.  If you haven’t checked out the Outdoor Blogger Network yet PLEASE stop reading and click this:  http://www.outdoorbloggernetwork.com/

For those of you who like to read about something before clicking…  May I present to you the (fairly) short rundown on the creators of the OBN and what they are trying to do.

The Outdoor Blogger Network was created by:

Joe Wolf – Flowing Waters
Rebecca Garlock – The Outdooress

I’ll allow their sites to speak for themselves but I will give a special shout-out to Joe who within minutes of accepting the Functioning Fishaholics into the Outdoor Blogger Network (hall of fame) took the time to email me and let me know that he grew up in South Eastern PA and used to fish some of the Fishaholics favorite fishing spots.

The Outdoor Blogger Network is not just a page with a pretty face.  The site has some goals and a good head on its shoulders.

Check out the following from their about section:

1)   Establish OBN as the primary site on the web for readers of Outdoor related blogs to come and peruse a vast listing of the best Outdoor blogs in existence.

2)   Make OBN a place all Outdoor bloggers want to check in with on a regular basis.  Provide Outdoor products to bloggers to do gear reviews.  Run contests.  Issue challenges to bloggers to write timely and appropriate posts with regard to current issues, legislation, problems, and opportunities.  Keep it fresh and enjoyable for the bloggers.

3)   Offer tips to bloggers on ways to maximize their readership and create an enjoyable blogging experience.

4)   Connect with the Outdoor industry as a viable part of the media.  Establish a catalog of Gear reviews.  Procure and send out gear to be used and reviewed by the OBN bloggers. (See more detail on reviews under the Gear Review tab)

I admire people who have an idea and have the guts to put it into action.  The site currently has over 60 blogs submitted to its listing and the number is growing every day!

Please (for the sake of your outdoor happiness) keep your eye on the Outdoor Blogger Network.  I have a feeling that their site has the potential to fill a gap that is currently open due to the slow death of magazines and other print media.

Joe and Rebecca, thanks for letting us into your club and if I read goal #1 correctly, thank you for allowing The Functioning Fishaholics to be one, “of the best Outdoor blogs in existence”.


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