Jan 132011

The Outdoor Blogger Network has a photo prompt up asking its members to post photos of their favorite outdoor place.  While an easy question on the surface I realized I had two distinct problems in answering this question:

1.  My favorite outdoor place is anywhere that is outside and has water that holds fish.  This spot would preferably be a place that allows me to fish but if not, I should at least be able to watch the fish as they swim around.  Yes sometimes even Koi ponds (where I can’t fish) can easily become favorite outdoor places.

2.  If I had to select only one favorite outdoor spot it would have to be a great fishing hole full of nice fish and empty of other (often annoying) fishermen.  Because of this fact my favorite place must remain a secret in name and location.

While I won’t give out the name or GPS coordinates of my favorite spot I will post some pictures and tell you all about it!

Always a beautiful sunrise

The sunrise at my favorite secret spot will always keep me breathless.  The only access point to the water faces directly into the rising sun.  I start every fishing trip to this lake by first snapping a picture of the beautiful sunrise.

Lots of weeds and lily pads

My favorite spot is a fairly small lake chock full of weeds and lily pads.  There are lots of great places for the fish to hide and ambush their prey in all of the structure of this lake.  While I fear the weeds may eventually take over this body of water I appreciate the shelter they provide for the fish.  It is very common to see small baitfish throughout the weeds all over in this lake.

The combination of weeds and the fact that the lake is fed by a small spring keep the water very clear.  At about 9am when the sun rises the fish of this lake get spooky and always stop biting.  It is like someone flicked a light switch.  This is the type of lake that most “fishermen” don’t like to come back to because they don’t catch anything.  If you fish in the morning or at night you will catch great Bass from this lake sometimes on every cast!  If you come later than 9am you might as well fish somewhere else.

The clear water and the lack of other anglers adds a good deal of challenge and enables the fish in this small lake to reach a fair size.

One of my Largemouth Bass

The picture above is of one of the Largemouth Bass I caught at this lake.  Most of the bass here range from 15″ up and the largest we’ve caught so far has been about 19″ in length.  I have a feeling there are much bigger Bass and Pickerel in this lake and once we get more experience I’m sure there are much larger fish to be caught.

The diversity of the wildlife living at the lake always surprises me.  We’ve seen beaver and even a huge snapping turtle with a head the size of a baseball bat.

My secret spot is a place that makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time.  There are almost no houses around the lake and although there is noise from a highway nearby there are times when things get quiet and time stops.

This small lake will always be one of my favorite spots to take my canoe.  I’m sure over time word will spread and more anglers will come but until that day I will guard the secret spot and only take anglers that are true to the sport and respectful of the water.

Thanks for letting me share.  If you have a favorite or secret outdoor place please tell me about it below or post a link to your site.

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  • Hey! I know where that spot is!

    Nah, I’m just kidding around but it sounds like a great spot!

  • That looks like Murphy Lake!! My favorite pike lake.

    • admin

      Nope not Murphy (or Murray) lake

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