Jan 302011

This was a response to a question posted on the Outdoor Blogger Network forum asking, “Anyone ever get mad at you for being a better fisherman/hunter ?”

Mom's usual catch on worms

My mom and I always have a rivalry when it comes to fishing.  There’s lots of smack talk and competition to be had out on the water.  Once when I was but a young boy, we were fishing one of our usual spots at Unami Creek and I happened upon a very large (trophy to me at the time) Largemouth Bass.  As this bass made its rounds through the large pool I was fishing I began to throw everything in my tackle box at it.  This fish was huge and I would spend the rest of the day pitching lures at it until it was mine.

After about an hour my mom walks up and says, “what ya doing over here for so long?”.  Now we usually have an honor code in which stealing each others fishing spot is unacceptable but in some cases rules get thrown out the window.  This was one of those cases.  I tried to keep my large fish a secret but just then the Largemouth swam by in another one of his patrols of the pool.  It almost seemed as if my dream fish was swimming by out of spite.  Seeing this fish my mom knew what I was after and threw one cast of her night crawler on top of the fishes head.

Wham!  The bass hit the worm like a rabid dog.  After a few minutes of fighting the fish my mom had him landed.  She pulled the fish from the water with a large smile.  Let’s just say I was VERY angry at this particular angler.  For months I didn’t hear the end of it, she caught my fish and wanted to make sure I had no doubt as to who was the best angler in the family.

We usually practice catch and release and almost never keep bass for the table but this time mom kept the bass.  Not for the table this time but for the wall.  She spent what little money we had at the time to make sure she mounted “my fish” on the wall where I could see it for the rest of my days.

While we’ve both gone on to catch bigger and better fish over the years that one bass on the wall would always hold a story…

I’m a firm believer in Karma.  Things always come full circle and you get what you give.  Last year my mom got a new dog and somehow this new magical dog was able to remove the mounted fish from the wall (about five feet up).  He chewed the head off of that fish and in the process he became a very close friend of mine.  Laugh

Disclaimer:  I love my mom and I especially love fishing with my mom.

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