Feb 052011

Are you a Functioning Fishaholic?  Would you like a Functioning Fishaholics tee shirt or “jersey” to show the world how much of a fishing nut you are?

Now for a limited time only (or at least until I take the page down) you can get your very own funcfish tee shirt!

Here's our budget model

This is the standard budget model.  At a mere $19.99 you could buy a case of them to use as rags for washing your boat!

Long sleeves for a long cold day on the water

For a long cold day on the water or a hot night out on the town nothing beats a long sleeve funcfish shirt! At only $29.99 some people may wonder how you can afford such fine fashion!

Functioning Fishaholics Tourney Jersey

Last but far from least we have our premiere, top of the line, Functional Fishaholics tournament jersey!  All the pros are ditching sponsors left and right to wear this fine jersey out on the water!  **Note this shirt even has our website’s hyperlink embedded into the ink on the back!  With a LOW price of $32.99 you’ll wonder why anyone would want to wear anything else!

** Warning Funcfish.com takes no responsibility for any personal injury you may incur while wearing this jersey.  Funcfish.com is a popular website and you may be subject to THOUSANDS of people patting and slapping you on your back while trying to go to the link on this shirt!

Please note we’ve removed PBR (our unofficial sponsor) from the funcfish logo.  We figured asking to use their logo on these shirts would result in them trying to become an official sponsor and that would limit us from supporting the other amazing breweries out there.  If you can’t live without the logo stay tuned as more shirt designs are BOUND to show up!

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