Feb 092011

If you are an avid fisherman you should know two things:

  1. River Monsters is now on NetFlix instant watch
  2. In episode five of season one you will meet the scariest fish in the world


The fish we are talking about is named Candiru.  This Amazon fish may only be two inches in length but make no doubt about its size the Candiru is very dangerous and very angry.  While most of us have used larger and scarier minnows as bait the threat of this fish isn’t its size.

Turns out this fish is a parasite that is attracted to the urea that fish release from their gills when they breathe.  Candiru follow the smell of the urea back to the fishes gills where they then drink the blood of the fish.   If you are reading carefully you’ll notice I used the word urea twice…  For  you non science types urea = pee.

Urea (or pee) attracts these fish and signals the presence of a meal.  The legend surrounding this fish involves the fish swimming into a certian very sensative part of the male body.  Once there the fish extends his spines and…  Yep all of my male readers closed the page…

For the rest of you…  If  you pee in the Amazon this fish will come, he will swim up your boy parts, and he will make your worst nightmares come true.

Just remember sometimes species from one area of the globe become invasive in other areas.  Keep that in mind next time you consider peeing in your local stream or lake!

Check out another ugly but tasty fish –  not the Candiru**

If you would like to hear the full story about the man who has a documented case of Candiru “issues” I fully suggest checking out season one episode five of River Monsters.  One of the very best shows ever created.


Have you ever had an invasive fish species invade?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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