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The West Tennessee Elite Bass Club (WTEBC)

The West Tennessee Elite Bass Club (WTEBC) started in 2010 when several anglers wanted to hold local competitive fishing contests and a chance to fish different waters in the surrounding area. Our goal is to provide an elite club that will be able to send the top 6 anglers to the FLW/TBF State Tournament. The club is open to any anglers wishing to participate in a competitive type environment. We have members from all over the Memphis area and its suburbs.

Draw Tournaments: During the monthly meetings, each member participating in the next up-coming tournament will state his/her angler status, as Boater or Non-Boater. Names are then drawn to determine fishing partners and boat blast-off order. Non-Boaters help share the boater’s expenses.

Our Tournaments are individual based. You compete as an individual for your best total weight. Each individual will be awarded points based on their total weight per tournament.

There is an optional entry fee of $50.00. This covers the “$40.00 Fruit Jar ” and the “$10.00 Big Bass” pot. There will be separate pots for the Boaters and the Non-Boaters. Boaters will compete with the other Boaters and Non-Boaters will compete with the other Non-Boaters for the money pots. 100% payback.

Tournament points are based on the anglers total weight and not whether they are Boater or Non-Boater.

We meet at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at Bass Pro Shops, 6140 Macon Rd. near I-40 and Sycamore View Rd in Memphis.

Our Club Dues are $100 annually
(This includes the FLW ($35), The Bass Federation ($15) and Tennessee Bass Federation ($10) Membership fees)

WTEBC Members

WTEBC Members

If you need information about joining West Tennessee Elite Bass Club, please contact one of our officers!

Dennis Smith

Vice President
Don Graham

Casey Keener


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