Apr 102011

Is it too early to catch Largemouth Bass in South Eastern Pennsylvania?  This morning Jeff and I went to one of our secrets spots to try our luck and see if we couldn’t scare up a few Largemouth Bass.

After all of the shoulder to shoulder fishing traffic of opening day, we decided that we would rather attempt to catch dormant Largemouth Bass than deal with the over fishing currently going on in stocked streams.

Trip details:

  • We fished from dawn 6:30am – 10:30am
  • Air temperature 47-56*F
  • Cloudy with light 2-5mph wind
  • Water temperature 54*F
  • Water clarity slightly cloudy due to recent rain
  • Water level was high

The secret fishing spot while usually over-run with weeds is fairly clear at this time of year.  This was the first time we have used the depth finder at the secret spot and it was interesting to see that a lot of our assumptions about the depth of the lake were wrong.  We always thought that the center of the lake was the deepest part however after cruising around we discovered that the outside edges of the lake are actually the deep points.  The deepest part of this lake is only about 7ft with a majority being 5ft or less.

During the summer months we usually fish the vegetation around the edges of the lake.  The lily pads and channels between submerged vegetation usually land us a few nice sized Largemouth bass, bluegill, and the occasional Crappie.

Let’s just say it’s still a little cold for warm water fish…

April bluegill fishing

April Bluegill in PA

Well, here’s my Bluegill.  This is the only fish we were able to land today.  I caught him on a Rapala 2-1/2″ Husky Jerk in Silver.  We were getting some short strikes on the top of the water and at one point Jeff had something sizable on his line but it didn’t make it to the boat.  We tried slinging some plastics and even an inline spinner but my Husky Jerk and Jeff’s Original Floater were the only lures that caused any sort of reaction from the sluggish fish.

At this point in the year I’m pretty sure we’d have better luck fishing in the evening after the water has had a chance to warm up a few degrees.  It seems like the Bluegills are becoming more and more active and a few weeks from now it should be back to business as usual.  +1 for the fish count!

Striped Skunks (Mephitis mephitis)

Image via Wikipedia

One Bluegill beats the skunk any day!


How’s the fishing in your neck of the woods?  Catch anything?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Husky Jerk suspension sure seems a way to go now. Also, the Rebel Minnow floats w/most body submerged at slight angle, and you can barely twitch the rear up on surface. Subtle surface fishing. Did well w/bass last week–check out Litton’s Fishing Lines.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to check out that Rebel. Looks like you are having a little more luck with the Largemouth. Do you know how warm the water is over there?

      • That evening the water temp made it close to 50–a lot warmer now. Have been catching a lot of bass 2-3 pounds, largest between 3 1/2 and 4. Really want to beat the 5 pound mark this year, but this is tough to do w/out a boat. Maybe w/in two years I can afford to buy one. I visited Split Rock Reservoir last week and had three marginal spots to cast from shore. From a boat the place is Paradise. Bruce

  • I’ve heard it say that if bluegills grew to over 2 pounds, no one would fish for bass anymore. I once was fishing for bass with a topwater and kept catching bluegills. So I decided to target the gills and switched to a 5 foot ultralight, 4 pound test and a tiny crappie tube.

    I caught a 4 pound bass on the first cast.

    Go figure.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Oh darn I almost switched to a crappie tube today!

  • It’s still a bit chilly here as well, but we are going to try our hand at some warm water species this weekend.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      Good luck! I’m hoping the weather improves so I can get out there too!

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