Jul 032011

While there are about 10 other awesome fishing reports I still need to write, this one is short and sweet.

I put my 2011 PA fishing license to good use last night on the Perkiomen Creek from about 7:30pm – 9:00pm.  While I was eating dinner I got the urge and decided to head out.  The Perkiomen Creek is almost across the street from where I live so it is often my choice for quick trips.

Lately I’ve been on a Senko kick and last night I was using a Gary Yamamoto 3″ Senko in red with silver fleck.  I’m trying to stick to a 3″ Senko for creeks since they are small enough to land the occasional Bluegill.  I’m rigging these with a #1 Gamakatsu g-lock worm hook.  The #1 hook is small enough to land Bluegills and other small fish %50 of the time but big enough to land larger fish consistently.

The bite on the Perkiomen Creek seems a little harder than it should be lately.  Last year around this time I was landing a lot of smaller Smallmouth Bass and Bluegill.  This year it seems like the numbers are down but the size is up.  I’m sure live bait would bring numbers but I’m really trying to stick to lures this year and so far I’ve caught enough fish to be happy.

11" Smallmouth Bass from the Perkiomen Creek

11" or so Smallmouth

The first fish I brought in was this Smallmouth Bass.  I didn’t get a chance to measure but compared to my hand I’d put this one at about 11″.  I’m convinced that the Perkiomen Creek holds some huge Smallmouth Bass but locating them is hard because most of the Creek is accessible only by boat and most of the water is fairly shallow.

Perkiomen Creek Rock Bass

Rock Bass at dusk

This chunky Rock Bass was about 7″ and put up a great fight.  I threw my Senko into a mess of flies that were hatching on the water and he was right there.  This was the first of two I would catch using this tactic.

Beautiful Perkiomen Creek Rock Bass

Beautiful Rock Bass

Who knew the murky Perkie held such nice Rock Bass!  This one was a little larger and chunkier.  I’m not used to Rock Bass fighting like REAL Bass so catching these two was a real treat!

Although I was fishing a fairly over fished stretch of the Perkiomen Creek, I was still able to pull out a few nice fish.  I’m going to mark this 1.5 hour trip as a success.


Have you fished the Murky Perkie lately?  Do you have a favorite spot I need to check out?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • John

    Hi – I just moved to the area and was wondering where the best place is to access Perkiomen creek for fly fishing? Central? Lower? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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