Jul 212011

**  Please note – If you are from down south you may want to skip past this post.  It’s mostly about a Yankee doodle dandy crying over a lil’ heat.  **

This Squirrel Needed some AC!

If you don’t live in the Northeastern Part of the country you may be unaware that we are currently going through a pretty significant heat wave here in PA.  Temperatures are up, the humidity is here, and it’s to0 dang hot!


Now I know things like windchills and heat indexes are for wussies and all but take a look at that pic from the Weather Channel.com.  The time says 9:45pm the heat index in Northern NJ is still 104!  Sick right?

Even my car thought it was hot

I was actually thinking about doing some fishing on the way home from work(I know sick right?) and then I stepped outside.  The wind was blowing a little but the air held the kind of heat that one would only enjoy in the dead of winter.

As I drove home I wrestled with myself over the idea of going fishing.  I thought about the sweat… standing there in a hat… a fishing vest…  My tender flesh baking in the sun.  What if I overheated and had a heat stroke while battling a huge fish?  What if I got heat exhaustion and couldn’t cast…  Then I’d just be stuck there on the shore unable to partake in the sport of kings…

I decided to head straight home to the loving arms of wifey (and my air conditioning).

Later in the evening I did get to experience a little bit of wildlife in the form of the sleeping squirrel above and some pictures of other critters from my pond.

Other fish?

Feedin' time!

Sorry No Fly Fishing Allowed

Bet you're glad there's no Bass in there!

Hard to believe he was a tadpole two months ago

Word has it that temperatures will be even higher tomorrow.  Be careful if you are playing outside and make sure to visit any elderly people in your life.  They don’t always know to turn on the AC!

Oh I also found this cool real-time water temperature page from the USGS.  Check it out.

Are you or someone you know sweating their #$#$% off?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • I am sweating my #$#$% off!

  • It’s like that in the South, too. Way too hot and no rain.

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