Aug 292011

I got a little something in the mail last week from one of the coolest fly fishing blogs in the universe.


Ladies and gentlemen behold:

T! Legit To Quit...

A 100% genuine, limited edition, T! aka Troutrageous shirt!  I would show the back to you but then you’d have no reason to head on over here and check it out.  Rumor has it there are five of these shirts still available for purchase, then they are gone FOREVER! (or at least until Mike has more printed).

Oh, and in case you are too cheap to buy a shirt, you might want to check out what I also got in the mail.

Tower of power

Yep that’s right T! stickers!  Mike sent me two of these stunning monochrome masterpieces!  I decided to affix mine to the “tower of power” (aka my fly tying stuff holder).

If you’d like to purchase a sticker for your car you have two options:

1.  Head on over to one of the best darn trout blogs in pa where you’ll be able to view pictures of cool people with cool T! gear and perhaps beg the blogging genious into sending you one or…

2.  I’m willing to part with my unused limited edition T! collectible sticker for $2134 US dollars.  Yes that’s right for a small sum you can have my unused sticker.  You’ll also be donating to one heck of a Cabela’s run (I promise not to spend it all on one fly rod).

*Disclaimer:  These amazing, limited edition, one of a kind, works of art on fabric and sticky paper were provided to me in exchange for a sum no greater than $0.


Do you have T! merch?  Does someone you love have T! merch?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Nice. Thanks for the plug. Appreciate the headless model.

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      I try to refrain from posting my sorry mug unless GIANT fish are involved…

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