Aug 182011

I bumped into Brandon Robinson @flystock the other day on Twitter and offered up a free post to help him promote an amazing event called FlyStock.  When he responded to my email I was expecting the usual, event details, promotional material, etc.  Instead I received a heartfelt message that really spoke to the reason behind this event and why it is important.

PLEASE take the time to read this whole post and hear the message Brandon is passing along.  Understand how the love of fishing can help our heroes.  Take action, clear your calendar, and GO to FlyStock:

You had me at fishing

When I got out of the Military I was a whole person, mentally and physically with all the digits, appendages, and personality given at birth.  That isn’t to say that getting out of that life didn’t take it’s toll on me despite that.  There was a huge part of “me” that was defined by my active duty status and suddenly, it was gone.  I was out of the service and I felt alone.  The civilian world is just different once you have been a service member.  Suddenly the world you came from, doesn’t know what to do with you coming back into it.

"Suddenly, it was gone..."

I found fly fishing and that gave me a way to “process” and deal with that loss with out any drugs or alcohol.  By no means am I complaining here, I was whole.  I was only dealing with the adjustment of not being active duty anymore.  An adjustment which, affects almost every detail of your life.

Imagine having that issue, but also having to deal with not being whole?  Either missing; limbs, motor skills, mental capacity, or having to deal with PTSD or “Survivor’s Guilt”.  It would be very easy and a lot of times is, to develop some kind of chemical dependency in a desperate and misguided attempt at therapy.


What is fly fishing to you?  To me, and to others on a greater scale, it is that therapy.  It is an escape from everything that weighs a person down and clouds the mind preventing a sense of inner peace. Did you know going in to the sport that it was going to provide that for you?  Of course not, but we were lucky enough to have someone introduce it.  There are many deserving heroes out there that should have the opportunity to find out. is that therapy.

This is why I am doing FlyStock.  Project Healing Waters, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides that opportunity to those that paid a huge price for this Nation’s safety.  I want to support that righteous cause.  The difference it makes in the lives of those that gave more than they should have, without being asked to, is immeasurable.

That said, how are we (that means you too!) helping?  By throwing a fundraiser that I hope will be different than anything you have ever been to!  We have a lot of stuff going on, and a lot of unique features to help us raise money without asking for much from you!  There will be: contests, music, clinics, guides, a silent auction, possible celebrity sightings, a ride share section, (Flying out?  Split the car rental with another angler!) and FISHING of course!  With the event being held ON THE WATER, there is a awesome chance to catch two seperate species of fish not found anywhere but Central Texas! All proceeds are going to PHWFF!

Get involved!  Sponsorship is a great way to promote your blog!  You can sponsor this event for less than the cost of a new fly rod!  Click here for sponsorship details!

For more info: Contact Brandon, @flystock on Twitter or head on over to the FlyStock website


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