Sep 172011

Why can’t you drink in Pennsylvania state parks or other local PA parks?  I mean, who doesn’t want to sit on the shore and put down a few beers while catching some fish?

You’d think the home of Yuengling, America’s oldest brewery would be more progressive in its stance on outdoor drinking.  Right?

So what’s the reason?  Why can’t you drink in PA state parks?


It’s Because:  You’re an idiot.


Picture of alcohol can in the river at a park

Misplaced flag, misplaced can.

That’s right I’ve resorted to name calling.  You, my drunken friend, are a grade A idiot.

Picnic table littered with beer cans and broken bottles

And here's why

Why is it that people can’t just drink beer and throw the trash away?  I mean, when I enjoy a cold one at home I (eventually) put my cans and bottles in the recycling bin.

Broken Beer bottles at the park

You had to break them... Seriously?

Not to be an eco-nut (far from it) but broken bottles just suck.  Especially if you step on one.

Budwiser can left in the creek

Not in MY creek!

The worst is seeing crap like this in the water.  The river should be a place of peace not a place of trash.  Beer cans, worm containers, Tasty Cake wrappers, giant bird nests of monofilament, NONE of these things are good for the water we love.

No drinking in state parks due to litter and broken bottles

Pick it up

Maybe it’s the bottles and cans still clinking around in the back seat of my car, perhaps it’s the fact that I hate seeing trash on the water, either way, I’m angry.  Trash of any kind shouldn’t be left behind.

Leftover bottles and cans, acting like an @#$$#@$ when you drink, starting fights, property damage, there are a ton of reasons why Pennsylvania doesn’t let you drink in the park.  Today I’m picking on leftover trash.  Let’s start there and work on being more responsible.  Maybe if we can start acting like adults, Pennsylvania will let us start drinking outside like adults.


Do you like to get KRUNK and throw a line?  Enjoy a little moonshine by the fishin’ hole?  Let us know in the comments below!



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  • I see this all the time. Once a year people clean up on my home lake. They take out around 9 tons of trash and you can’t even tell they were there. I have allowed beer along fishing exactly once and never will again. That was over 30 years ago. I have no need to screw up a fishing trip by drinking, I leave the drinking for the house.

  • “Lazy” and “ego” come to mind. 1. “It would be a bummer to have to pick up this mess.” 2. “They probably pay somebody to clean it up anyway.”

    No different than worm containers, IMHO.

    I definitely enjoy a beer while drinking, esp. on the boat with friends. The takeout containers/bags your lunch/breakfast came in serve as a perfect trashbag for 2-4 beers (and how many beers do you really need while on a boat?).

    • The Functioning Fishaholics

      I mostly find that full barrel kegs are easiest to backpack in on small stream native trout fishing. Once they are empty they double as a PFD (or boat).

      • Perhaps a Camelbak full of delicious and refreshing Popov Vodka then?

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