Oct 222011

So I ran into a few videos that gave me a glimpse into what my life would be like if I lived in a City and had no access to “fishable” water.  I mean to what lengths would I go to feed my fishing addiction?  Would I put countless miles on my car multiple times a week to get to my favorite fishing hole?  If I were like the guys in these first two videos perhaps I’d have better luck fishing closer to home…

I'd have no problem fishing here (via wikipedia)

These 2 guys don’t do so bad.  I think I could even get used to this method of fishing.  Seems pretty chill.  Like ice fishing without all the cold weather and um…  Ice.


So that’s how they roll across the pond eh?  “I want to steal the fish, and he won’t let me…  I’m very upset”


YouTube Preview Image

I’ll give this guy points, at least he took the time to explain the rig he was using.  Why is it that saltwater dudes are always about adding hooks?

This last video I’m throwing in because it’s Functioning Friday.  If you’ve ever read one of these posts you know they are often filled with things that defy explanation.

YouTube Preview Image

Not really sure what she was talking about but Eel fishing in a kiddie pool seems like a fun enough thing to do in your backyard…  I think the method and pole she was using may even give Tenkara a run for its money!

Have you Fished in a sewer or lassoed Eels in your backyard lately?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Herman

    I live in the city…. and hate it. I want to uproot my family and move to eastern OK, but that’s just not in the cards right now. I can’t complain too much. Even though it costs $7 a pop to get in, Arcadia isn’t that bad of a lake and it’s right down the street. In less than an hour you can be at Hefner or Thunderbird. In less than 2 hours you can be at Foss State Park, Canton Lake, Sportsman’s lake (personal favorite) and a few others. The problem is that you need 2+ hrs (in some cases 4.5) to get to Eufaula, Oologah, Grand Lake, Lake Ft. Gibson and the greatest lake in Oklahoma… Broken Bow. I urge anglers who have the means to have good local fishing to take advantage of it. I put lots of miles on my truck to not catch fish in far off places.

  • Since I live in San Francisco, I’m surrounded by fishable water so it isn’t so bad. The wild fish are still under a lot of pressure here though, and I often fantasize about living on the remote Northern CA coast 🙂

    I’m sure you came across Kirk’s post and/or video about drain fishing here — this guy is awesome: http://monkeyfacenews.typepad.com/my-blog/2010/01/the-fishin-hole.html

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