Oct 072011

Fall is in full swing in Southeastern PA.  The leaves are starting to turn, water temperatures are dropping, and lately it seems the bugs are growing in size…  but before we get to that, have you ever seen one of these?

Wonder if it has a seat belt

Looks like a sh… show on wheels to me!  If I can’t get a sweet Bass boat to tow behind my vehicle I wonder if wifey will let me have one of these.  I think next time I drive past it on the way to work I’m going to hang a sign that says “office” on the door.

Anyway, back to the bugs or in this case GIANT mammal sized bugs.

Giant hands, giant folded wing Crane-fly or Midge

I didn’t want to get my hand near this thing but then I remembered reading somewhere that Crane-flies (hopefully) don’t bite.

1 1/2" Caddis?

Living 1/4 mile from the Perkiomen Creek always makes for some great bugs when the outdoor lights get left on.  This one was about 1 1/2″ long and looked to me like a Caddis of some sort.

Eat your face beetles

Ok so this last picture was from the summer but I’m still never going outside again.  These beetles were about 2″+ long and I wouldn’t be so scared BUT there were two of them.  They must be reproducing!  And no they aren’t roaches.

All of this crazy big bug action has me craving some fly fishing.  Luckily Montgomery County looks to be blessed with a beautiful weekend.  Hopefully the weather holds out and I get in some serious fall fishing.

Are you or someone you love being invaded by giant mutant bugs?  Call an exterminator, then leave us a comment below!



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  • “Eat your face beetles.” Ha!

  • Mel

    Ha! That first picture is a prize. I could let my mind wander and have all kinds of crazy thoughts about what to do with that rig!

  • S.O.W. the ultimate roadtrip accessory

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