Mar 252012

Last night at 11:46pm I came to the realization that after all of the hard work and fanfare over my new DIY fly tying desk, I neglected to actually tie anything on it.

Two weeks with no fly tying makes me cranky…

With a burning desire to put some Bigmouths on the end of my new Sage Bass rod, I decided to tie up something furry.

Clouser madtom group 3-25-2012

A rarely seen Clouser Mad Tom party!

I learned to tie this pattern from The Blogger Formally Known As Lunker Hunt.  If you would like a great step by step on how he ties (or tied) this fly you can check out his video on Youtube.

Clouser madtom 1 3-25-2012

The evening's first attempt

On my first three Mad Toms I used MAGNUM bunny strips which gave the flies some nice bulk.  The fur is barred olive, green bucktail on top, white bucktail on bottom.

Clouser madtom 2 3-25-2012

#2 had a change up for the eyes

The second and third Clouser Mad Toms I tied I decided to go with painted bead chain eyes.  These flies remind me of baby frogs and I decided yellow would look better on a frog than red.  I also like the smaller profile of bead chain.

Clouser madtom 3 3-25-2012


My fourth and fifth Mad Toms were tied with Cabela’s bunny strips.  This fur was much thinner than the magnum variety and gave the flies a slimmer and more baitfish like appearance.

Clouser madtom 4 3-25-2012

Blue beauty...

It’s hard to tell from the photos but I used darker bucktail on the top and lighter on the bottom for both of these.  This blue Mad Tom has a  a little bit of crystal flash for “flair”.

Clouser madtom group 2 3-25-2012

The evening's haul

All of these flies were tied on #6 4x streamer hooks.  Now that I’m playing in the realm of Bass I think my next purchase will be some larger hooks.

Overall these flies are fairly easy to tie and have a very short materials list.  I think I’m going to get my act together and see if I can go catch some Bass lose some of them today!

Are you chasing Bass on the fly?  What’s your favorite pattern?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Todd Forsyth

    I haven’t tried those yet.  All my fly rod bass have either come from buggers, poppers, or deep Clouser minnows.  They look like  they shouldn’t fail you though!

  • Clif

    You got your top and bottom confused. The bar-bell eyes should make the fly retrieve with the hook point up.

    • Haha!  Glad someone called me out.  I was 90% through writing this post when I realized I screwed up all of the color patterns.  I almost called myself out but decided to let it ride.  Good eye and thanks again for your video.

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      Subject: [funcfish] Re: Last Night’s Flies – Clouser Mad tom

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