May 282012

You may have heard some buzz online about a new fly fishing product called the Zazzy Pop.

Zazzy pop logo

You may have even seen this...

Bold, bright colors, made in the USA, quality materials…  You may have also heard a couple of these promises tossed around on social media sites like Twitter.  It appears Zazzy Pop has been making the rounds.

From what I can tell, if fly fishing were the sport of skiing, Zazzy Pop would be the first company to make the snowboard.  These things are pretty extreme.

Are popper style flies art?

Can popper flies be art?

Could a fishing lure or fly be a work of art?  The man behind the Zazzy Pop, “Owl” Jones seems to think so.  Each pattern on these poppers is done by hand by Mr. Jones himself.  Although styles are similar, no two Zazzy poppers are the same.

So this Mr. Jones…  Is he from China?  

How bout…  Georgia.  Yep that’s right, each one of these poppers is hand crafted in the USA.  You won’t find a “made in China” sticker on one of these bad boys.

zazzy poppers are built with quality in mind

And the quality shows

Quality  is a word that is thrown around a lot in any industry.  As someone who has destroyed many a commercial fly on the first cast I’ll tell ya most commercial flies are crap.

Zazzy Poppers are different.  Designed by a fisherman, built by a fisherman, these poppers are built to last.  When Owl was designing these flies one of his main concerns was the fact that most commercial poppers don’t last.

So did they pass The Functioning Fishaholics test?

I spent one long frantic hour abusing testing the black legged popper.  I took the popper to one my favorite spots along the Perkiomen Creek.  A spot with concrete…

For one solid hour I threw this popper into multiple trees.  I even accidentally pulled casts directly into the concrete platform I was casting from.  The Zazzy Popper took all of my abuse in stride.  It didn’t spin on the hook, it didn’t get stuck in the trees,  I didn’t explode upon hitting concrete.  We have a winner!

But how does it fish?

The Perkiomen Creek can be a tough body of water when the fish aren’t active.  I was able to land three fish in about an hour with the Zazzy Popper.

Standard little Perkiomen Creek Bluegill

Standard Perkiomen Creek Bluegill

I caught two standard sized Perkiomen Creek Bluegills.  While three fish in an hour is a little better than I usually do on the fly, the next fish I caught was a little different.

A legit Rock Bass

A legit Rockbass

The Rockbass above is the kind of fish I usually catch using a Senko and a spinning rod.  In fact, the fish above is on the large side compared to most of the Rockbass I catch on the Perkiomen Creek.

While my time on the water was limited I feel as though I put the Zazzy Pop popper through its paces and it exceeded my expectations.

I’m very excited to take these poppers back out on the water and hopefully pick up a few Smallmouth Bass.

Disclaimer:  Owl Jones is a personal blogger buddy of mine.  I’d really like to see him succeed and make some money selling this product.  He sent me these three poppers so that I could check them out and give him my honest opinion.

What is my honest opinion?  These are the best poppers I’ve ever seen in my life.  I am very rough on flies and these things are built to handle whatever I throw at them.  When I finally lose these in a tree I will purchase more poppers from Zazzy Pop with my own money.

If you are looking to buy poppers give Zazzy Pop a try.

You can buy Zazzy Pop  poppers on:  The Zazzy Pop website


Have you tried Zazzy Pop poppers yet?  Let us know in the comments below!


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