Jul 102012

It’s HOT in Southeastern PA!  Almost too hot to fish!

All of this heat, coupled with some additional work stress, made last week hellish to say the least…

Stressed out?  Too hot to fish?  Why not shoot books?

Stress + Heat – Fishing = decreased motivation.  Although I’m glad I’m not the only unmotivated outdoor blogger the site has been suffering and finally last Sunday I decided SOMETHING had to be done.

There was a break in the temperature (mid 80’s) so after the other functioning fishaholics couldn’t get their act together I decided to head down to the Perkiomen Creek with the competition.

Sunfish Fest 2012

Sunfish Fest 2012

The water temperature varied between slightly cool, where the water was flowing, to uncomfortably warm where it was still.  Although Mike and I were chasing Carp on the fly we mostly found sunfish.

Lots and lots of Sunnies

Lots and lots of Sunnies

A few big Carp were circling in the water but we had no clue how to catch them no luck getting them to show interest in our flies.

Instead of Carp, we quickly learned our day would be devoted to Sunfish…  At one point Mike and I were pulling fish out on every cast.  I think I had a string of about 15 fish in a row from a single pool.

If the Sunfish get boring...

If the Sunfish get boring…

After a while I got bored of the little fish and had to throw a few crazy flies here and there.  The articulated Perch pattern above is made from two 1/0 hooks and is about the size of my hand.  While I didn’t find any of the Perkiomen Creek’s 12″+ Smallmouth Bass, I did get to make an ass of myself.  (:

All and all, it was a good few hours of fishing.  Mike and I got some great casting practice in for this Fall’s Steelhead trip and the relentless onslaught of Sunfish kept things interesting.

As far as the rest of the Functioning Fishaholics go Jeff and Mike did eventually get on the water and their report was almost identical.  Looks like the only thing biting in this heat is the Sunfish.


Been fishing lately?  Staying cool?  Let us know in the comments below!


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  • kenbo350

    i went to the wissahickon creek on tuesday pulled out some decent smallies but we need some rain the creek is very low

  • kenbo350

    i went to the wissahickon creek on tuesday pulled out some nice smallies one about 14 inches, but we need some rain the creek is very low.

  • FuncK

    Yo, is that second picture a fish or your business card because that ish is 3×2?! These sunnies are taking me back to Harleysville circa 1990.

    • Yea… About that small.

  • Jay D

    We’ve been killing it catfishing at the Schuylkill River. When it’s too hot for bass, you can always get the cats to bite. Also got a 15 inch striper casting a spinner into a school of shad at the Schuylkill yesterday.

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