Mar 242011
Most Un-Frame Worthy Outdoor Photo

The Outdoor Blogger Network’s photo prompt this week is all about the un-mountable anti-trophy (aka biggest disaster of a catch you can find). Here is a little something I caught at the upper part of Green Lane Reservoir.  I consider catching this fish punishment for drowning worms.  ENJOY!   Have you ever caught a “record” […]

Mar 192011
A little more spring

Sorry girls…  This is a post about a bug. Today’s fishing was a disaster.  While I’m still collecting my thoughts and dealing with the windburn on my face I figured I’d share some pictures of a little friend I made today.  I believe he’s a little black stonefly (but I’m barely a fly fisherman and […]

Jan 302011
You Can't Stay Mad at Your Mom

This was a response to a question posted on the Outdoor Blogger Network forum asking, “Anyone ever get mad at you for being a better fisherman/hunter ?” My mom and I always have a rivalry when it comes to fishing.  There’s lots of smack talk and competition to be had out on the water.  Once […]

Oct 242010
Green Lane - Deep Creek 10-24-2010

With four Functioning Fishaholics in tow…  Today’s trip was to the Deep Creek Dam area of Green Lane Park.  While the fishing at this spot is usually average even during productive times, we found the right lures and the right spots and today turned out to be a great day for Fall fishing! The morning […]

Aug 262010
Another Quick Green Lane Trip 8-26-2010

Hooked up with some of the OGs for some fishing above the dam at Green Lane Reservoir.  I got there at about 6pm and fished until they kicked us out. Again, the fish seemed pretty cold to everything but live bait.  Night Crawlers and Red Worms did the trick.  We fished from shore near the […]

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