Do Lures Work At Night? (Answered)

do lures work at night
do lures work at night

One of the biggest advantages of night fishing is that you have a decent shot at catching larger fish. It is common knowledge that the activity of big fish increases by a substantial margin at night, and you won’t have to wait as long to catch a trophy fish. So, if you’re not having any luck during the daytime, there is no harm in trying this method. The only thing that confuses anglers about night fishing is the viability of the lures. Several anglers have asked about whether or not lures work at night and attract fish to their system. So, let’s cover this situation briefly.

Do Lures Work At Night?

While the choice of lures ultimately defines its viability at night, they do still work at night. Many experts have pointed out that the silhouettes created by the lures and their movement do attract fish at night even if the vision is not as good during this time. So, lures do work at night, and you will enjoy an amazing fishing adventure if the size and the movement of the lure are erratic enough to attract larger fish. The fish will find your lure without any difficulty, and the color doesn’t matter as much in most cases.

Even if you’re using a darker lure at night, it won’t have any significant impact on the quality of your fishing trip. Your primary focus should be on purchasing lures that provide better movement and disruption in the water. This will create more confusion, and bigger fish will be attracted to your lure.

It is true that the vision is not as good at night, and you can’t make use of bright lures to attract more predators. Here, the only differentiating factor is the lure movement and erratic behavior in water. So, instead of looking at the color of the lure, try out some different sizes and try to increase your control over the size of their silhouette. That way, you will get a much better perspective on how to modify your fishing system.

For the most part, your investment in lures is not wasted, and you should be making use of these lures even if the fish can’t see the brighter colors. It will take a bit of time to get used to the different fish responses during night fishing. Just try to spend a bit of time with local experts, and they will help you with a better idea of how to modify your fishing system to make the best use of your lures.

To Conclude

Lures do work at night if the size, weight, and movement of your lure are optimal. The color of the lure is not as important in night fishing, and your focus should be on improving the silhouettes created by the lures. The fish have heightened senses at night, and they detect even the smallest disturbances in the water. So, if the lure replicates the movement of a confused fish, it is not that hard to secure a trophy catch from your next trip.

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