Echo 3S Fly Rod Review – Value Buy?

echo 3s fly rod review
echo 3s fly rod review

While price is a good indicator of the performance of the rod, it doesn’t always hold true when you’re looking at the mid-range options. Where you’re sticking below the 500-dollar range, more price on a rod will not equate to more performance. So, you will have to test out the rods for yourself and only go with the unit that feels good in your hands. That way, you won’t have to worry about a purchase that doesn’t add value to your fishing system. Usually, choosing a durable fly rod like Echo 3S is the safer option for most anglers. This series has been regarded as one of the most robust options in the market. So, let’s cover a review on the Echo 3S fly rod.

Echo 3S Fly Rod Review

As long as you’re using a high-quality saltwater line, this setup will serve you for years with consistent performance and exceptional fishing results. The blank brought forward by this rod offers a high modulus graphite structure and promotes a swift rod action. Now, some beginners can be skeptical about investing in a rod with quick action as it is harder to manage at first. However, this series focuses primarily on making the setup easier to handle for users. So, even if you’re a novice, it shouldn’t be that hard to get used to the faster rod action.

Many anglers have said good things about the accuracy brought forward by this rod. The main selling point for the Echo 3S is the power that you can generate with this setup. When you’re using heavier flies, there is no need to concern yourself with the casting distance. It is effortless for anglers to generate good power from this rod, and you can consistently cast over longer distances. So, make sure to give this rod a try if you’re looking for more power.

The reel seat features an uplocking component with a black anodized finish. It secures your fishing reel properly, and there is no need to concern yourself with saltwater intrusion as long as you’re keeping the rod clean. There are also some good reviews on the quality of rod tubes, and customers seem to be pretty happy with the blue fabric design offered by this brand. So, this rod will not only look elegant during use, but you will get a decent cover along with the rod.

Moving on to the guides present on the Echo 3S fly rod, you will get titanium stripping guides that are considered the industry standard when you’re purchasing a saltwater rod. So, there is no need to worry about any weather impact, and the rod will remain fully functional even when you’re going through a rough weather patch.

Overall, Echo 3s Fly Rod can be used by every angler, and you will find many beginners and experts making use of this rod. It is pretty versatile and can catch a wide variety of saltwater fish. So, the last thing left for you to do is to demo the unit and then match its performance with other rods in a similar price range. You will find this rod to be the better choice in almost all scenarios.

How Does It Compare To Echo EPR?

While Echo EPR might not be in the same price range as the Echo 3S fly rod, it is one of the best options launched by this brand. You will enjoy a faster and more powerful rod when you go a hundred dollars above your budget and choose EPR for your fishing trip. So, if you’re only concerned with power and need an absolute unit that will consistently meet your fishing requirements for years, then going with the Echo EPR is the better option for you.

On the other hand, the rod action might be a bit too aggressive for some beginners, and you will need some experience under your belt to make use of this rod. Even if you’re an intermediate angler with a few months of experience, it can take a few weeks to adjust to this rod. So, depending on your fishing requirements and the budget, you can go with Eco EPR to enjoy better power and a lighter structure that is easier on your hands for extended fishing hours.

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