Fenwick HMX vs HMG – Main Differences?

fenwick hmx vs hmg
fenwick hmx vs hmg

Fenwick might have been one of the more reliable brands in the market, but its reputation has really taken a nosedive in the past few years. The budget options from this brand are just not good enough, and anglers often complain about the poor build of the cheaper rods from Fenwick. So, if you’re not on a good budget, it is a good idea to stay away from Fenwick. Many anglers have recently been comparing the performance of Fenwick HMX with HMG. Both of these budget units are not that great, and you will likely struggle to get these rods in good condition because of delivery problems. So, here are some specifics on Fenwick HMX vs HMG to help you make an informed decision.

Fenwick HMX vs HMG Comparison

Fenwick HMX 

The HMX model from Fenwick is usually the cheaper option between these two rods, but the pricing can vary depending upon the store you dealer. For most anglers, the pricing difference is not significant enough to impact the purchase decision, and you should also prioritize performance over the minimal difference in the price of these two rods. Aside from the basic difference in the build quality, you will notice many changes in the guides, power, and rod action of Fenwick HMX and HMG.

With the HMX, you will enjoy a bit faster rod action and lighter weight. This lighter weight of the HMX spinning rod makes it easier for anglers to control the rod action even if they are new to fishing. So, if you’re looking for an ultra-light fishing rod to help with calmer water conditions, then HMX is the preferred choice. However, when you are talking about better durability, HMG will always take the lead.

The leading issue with HMX is that it is pretty challenging to find this rod in fresh condition. If this option is not covered in bubble wrap during delivery, you will likely deal with a few damaged sections on the rod. So, there is a good chance that you will get a damaged rod if the dealer is not reliable and the delivery services are sub-par.

Overall, HMX is considered the inferior option when you’re looking for a rod that can be used for years. It offers stainless steel guides and brings a lighter weight to the anglers. However, the compromise on the build quality as well as the presence of the plastic adjustment nut on the reel is a deal-breaker for most anglers. So, if you’re trying to purchase a rod for more demanding fishing conditions, HMX should not be your first option.

Fenwick HMG

This rod is sometimes more expensive and brings more weight to the anglers as long as you’re talking about the spinning series. The rod action for the HMG spinning series might be a bit slower, but when you’re looking at the casting series, the HMG will present a far better price point. This rod is more durable and brings a robust setup to the anglers. So, while this rod might not be the most exceptional option in the market, it is still better than the HMX model.

Even though people believe that the increased weight of this rod compromises the sensitivity of the unit, anglers have said that it is much easier to detect bites on the HMG when compared with HMX. Customers that own both rods prefer to go with the HMG when they are looking for precise casts and better control over the distance. So, you’ll be much better served by spending a few extra bucks on HMG instead of HMX.

The only situation where it might be better to go with the HMG is when you’re getting a ridiculously good deal on the unit. So, if you’re able to find a supplier that is promising you HMX in good condition for close to 60 dollars, there is no harm in testing out the unit. Other than that, HMX is inferior to HMG, and you should prioritize the performance over the final price point.

Overall, HMG is more established in the market, and the customer experience has been more positive. It is a bit heavier than HMX and brings Fuji guides to the anglers. Moreover, the sensitivity of this rod is better than HMX, and you should give this unit a try before putting your money into HMX.

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