Florida Largemouth Bass vs Northern Largemouth Bass

florida largemouth bass vs northern largemouth bass
florida largemouth bass vs northern largemouth bass

Because of multiple variants in the market, it can be somewhat difficult to set one fish apart from the other. You will often notice people asking about the different types of bass and their variants on the market. Even though the differences are minimal, it does impact the purchase decision for multiple individuals. Lately, some users have been asking about the Florida Largemouth Bass vs the Northern Largemouth Bass. Let’s go over a few features of these Bass variants to help you with a better understanding.

Florida Largemouth Bass vs Northern Largemouth Bass: Key Differences

Florida Largemouth

The most prominent difference between these two fish is that the Florida Largemouth Bass maintains a much larger size and structure. Even though the general shape is the same, the Florida Largemouth Bass can grow more than twice the size.  So, you can easily differentiate between these two fish by identifying the structure and the size of the Florida Largemouth Bass. Other than that, some anglers have also pointed out a darker shade on the Florida Largemouth Bass.

The activity of this fish also varies depending upon the water temperature and the environment. It becomes quite passive when the temperature drops in winter. So, if you’re trying to get this fish in the winter season, you will have to rely on a lot of luck. This is the main reason why anglers prefer to go with Northern Largemouth Bass when the winter hits. The population of this fish is mostly found in shallow waters where there is an abundance of prey.

Other than that, there are not many differences when you consider the taste and the texture of its meat. It is quite easily substitutable with the Northern Largemouth Bass, depending upon the type of recipe you’re trying to make. The nutritional benefits are also quite similar.  Depending upon the age of the fish, you won’t have to worry about extensive levels of mercury poisoning.

All in all, it should be quite easy to differentiate between the Florida Largemouth Bass and the Northern Largemouth Bass based on this information. However, if you’re looking to go into more depth about the differences, then it might be a better option to refer to the genetics analysis. That way, you will get factual information on how a Florida Largemouth Bass can be differentiated from a Northern Largemouth Bass.

Northern Largemouth

The stalled growth rate and the smaller size of this fish differentiate Northern Largemouth Bass from the Florida Largemouth bass. It is quite challenging to find a Northern Largemouth Bass that has a comparable structure when put next to the Florida Largemouth Bass. Other than that, these fish are mostly found in open waters where there is easy access to prey. Unlike the Florida Bass, they don’t have an issue with chasing down the prey and leveraging the environmental advantages to capture something to eat.

As compared to the Florida Largemouth Bass, it doesn’t become passive when the temperature drops in the winter. So, if you like to go fishing in open waters, then it is a fine catch for your trip. There are many different bait types that you can rely on to achieve consistent results with the Northern Largemouth Bass. While the size of this fish is not as large, it still maintains a good reputation.

Aside from that, if you’re considering going with any of these two alternatives for your cooking recipe, then the differences are not that substantial. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between the cooked meat and either one of these fish. Both are quite easily substitutable for each other and bring a ton of nutritional benefits to the table. So, you should always choose a recipe on which you’re getting a better deal. This will help you better manage your budget while still mating the same quality of your recipe.

All in all, both Florida Largemouth Bass and the Northern Largemouth Bass bring a similar value to the anglers. If you’re in the middle of the winter season, then it might be better to try your luck with the Northern Largemouth Bass. But, if you’re looking for a fish with a larger body, then Florida Largemouth Bass is the way to go.

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