Helix vs Solix- Choosing The Better Device For Your Boat

helix vs solix
helix vs solix

As a beginner, it can be pretty overwhelming to decide which equipment is best for your fishing boat. In this case, the best practice is to ask local experts and try out different equipment before making any investment. Doing this will not only save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, but you will also notice an increase in the efficiency of your fishing trip. So, make sure to do your research before spending your money on fishing equipment. Here we will be covering the critical aspects of Helix vs Solix. So, if you’re confused between these two devices, let us help you decide which one will better suit your boat.

Helix Vs Solix Comparison


Unlike the limited sizes of Solix, Helix offers quite a wide range of devices to the users. These devices bring a variety of price ranges to the table and make it easier for people to adjust their budgets. If you’re looking for the Mega SI Plus features on Helix, then you need to look towards specific varieties as it is not available across all sizes. Other than that, you need to use a control pad to access different features in this device, and it is not a touch screen.

Luckily, all the features are pretty easy to use, and people rarely complain about the Helix touchpad. It has a bit rounder shape as compared to the sharp design of the Solix device. Other than that, the screen resolution is also lower in most Helix devices, making it harder for people to differentiate between a fish, a rock, or a stump. Other than that, you can use two SD cards on this device, just like the Solix.

The Helix device is perfect for people that are not looking for extraordinary or don’t have enough budget. This device will have a substantial impact on the quality of your fishing trip. So, even if you don’t have the money to get a Solix, Helix is quite an excellent accessory to have on your boat. You can always upgrade to the Solix once you’ve set aside enough money for the new equipment. A Helix is an excellent device and covers a wide variety of features, including the one-boat network.

If you don’t have a budget issue and want the best Humminbird device for your boat, it might be better to go with the Solix unit. The relevant details for a Solix unit are given below.


Moving on with this Helix vs Solix comparison guide, the latter units by Humminbird are primarily available in three sizes. These include the 10 inches, the 12 inches, and the 15 inches. The best thing about this device is that all of the Solix is equipped with Mega SI Plus. Along with this new feature, you get all the preceding features ranging from the DI Plus to chirps and sonars. So, it offers a complete package to beginners looking to transform their fishing experience.

The primary difference between Solix and the Helix is that you can use touch input to use the Solix device. However, if you’re not a fan of touch screens, then you can pair a joystick and use that to access all the different options offered by this device. All the Solix devices come with two SD card slots and a high-resolution display. Even if you’re buying the 10-inch version, it will have all the features included in it.

From one boat network to automapping, there is a wide range of features that Solix brings to the table. The control buttons and the joystick are pretty easy to use, and there are a lot of other shortcuts to mark a location or access the menu settings quickly. The design is immaculate, and the touch of your finger can control the entire procedure.

Many experts have mentioned how easy it is to use the touch screen to zoom in and out of different locations. Even though Helix offers easy-to-use controls, the efficiency of the Solix unit is unmatched. So, if you’re looking for top-end equipment for your boat, Solix should be your first option. Not only does it bring a broader range of features, but it is also easier to use for even beginners. Hopefully, this information helps you make an informed decision.

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