How To Fish With Live Shad? (5 Must-Know Basics)

How To Fish With Live Shad
How To Fish With Live Shad

Fish have numerous species that can be found roaming around in lakes, rivers, and the sea. Though, you should note that each of these species has its unique characteristics. While some of these fish are kept in aquariums because of how beautiful they are, some varieties are hunted for their meat. This is because seafood can be quite delicious if you know how to prepare the meat properly. Additionally, this can also be quite healthy as most fish are filled with proteins and healthy oils.

The omega-3 oil in these fish can help in keeping your heart healthy and prevent tons of diseases. When it comes to catching fish, different types of bait are used. Recently people have been asking questions regarding live bait and how it works. The question “How to fish with live shad?” has been asked by tons of users which is why we will be using this article to answer it. Keep in mind that we will be providing you with a small guide that can be followed to avoid issues with the process.

How To Fish With Live Shad?

Before starting your fishing trip, you need to understand that several things should be kept in mind. The equipment that you will be using can play a huge role in how successful you are. This is why selecting these tools according to the type of fish that you will be trying to catch can be important. Live bait is already tricky to work with which is why your equipment should always be top-notch. With that being said, here are some steps that can be followed to further help you out.

  1. Start by finding a location where you will be fishing. This has to be selected according to the variety you are trying to hunt. Keep in mind that every fish roams around in different spots which is why these have to be selected carefully to avoid issues.
  2. After the location has been decided, the next thing to look out for is the season. This can play a huge role in how many fish will be found after you throw your bait. Keep in mind that the seasons for fishes also vary depending on their variety. This is why make sure that you select the time with cation.
  3. You can now visit the area that was decided and start preparing your rod. Make sure that the line being used is durable enough to pull the fish without breaking. Now put this on your rod and then attach the live bait to the hook.
  4. Shad is a small fish that can easily move around and is also quite light. This is why there is a high chance that your hook might stay floating above the water body. To prevent this from happening additional weight should be attached to your hook. The best way to do this is by adding something to the line so that it will be kept down.
  5. You can now wait patiently until a fish takes your bait and attacks the hook. As soon as you notice the bait, start pulling the line and you should be able to catch a fish using live shad as bait.

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