5 Effective Ways To Keep Birds Out of Boathouse

how to keep birds out of boathouse
how to keep birds out of boathouse

Dealing with birds unloading on your new unit can be quite annoying when you’ve just built new storage. Many users struggle with this problem and rely on different methods to take care of the bird issues. So, if you’re thinking of building a boathouse, it would be best to keep this issue in mind. Otherwise, you will just be struggling to keep your unit clean. If you’re also dealing with similar issues and can’t seem to get rid of the birds then the following solutions might help you. Just pick the option that best matches your budget and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

How to Keep Birds Out of A Boathouse

1. Use Plywood

Using plywood or anything screen to create a false ceiling has helped many anglers through this problem. So, if you have a bit of budget to purchase the necessary materials then you should go with this option. It will be a bit hectic to install this false ceiling but you won’t have to worry about the bird problem again.

Some users also prefer to hire general contractors to get through the installation of the false ceiling. If you’re inexperienced and don’t mind spending a few more bucks, then hiring an expert will yield better results.

2. Use Wire Mesh

The use of wire mesh can be a more budget-friendly solution for most anglers and you won’t have to work as hard to install this on the rafters. That way, the birds won’t be able to access the rafters and there will have to find another place to rest. So, simply cover up the rafters and judge the results for a few weeks.

3. Use Bird Spikes

There are many solutions in the market that have helped anglers stay ahead of this bird problem. The best thing about these solutions is that they are quite affordable and don’t require anglers to go out of budget. So, if you’re working with a tighter budget, going with bird spikes might suit your setup.

You can also develop your own bird spikes by relying on some fishing hooks and monoline. It will only cost you a fraction of what you will have to pay in the market. So, to save on budget, you can also go with these options.

4. Try Stuffed Creatures

Using some stuffed animals to scare away the birds is quite efficient and there are no extra installation steps involved. You simply have to hook up the stuffed animals with the ceiling and that should be enough to keep the birds away in the long run.

5. Try Flags

Some anglers have also pointed out that using colored flags in front of the boathouse entrance is an effective method of keeping the birds away. The use of vibrant colors discourages bird activity in the boathouse but it will have an impact on the overall design of your boathouse. So, make sure to decide on a solution that matches the aesthetic of your existing setup. Otherwise, you will just be dealing with a funny-looking boathouse.

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