How To Prepare Blue Marlin Fish? (5 Essential Steps)

how to prepare blue marlin fish
how to prepare blue marlin fish

The blue marlin is a Bluewater fish that spends its life in the open sea, far from the land, and preys on a wide variety of marine organisms that are mostly near the surface. This fish has a short dagger-type structure in front which it uses to either stun or injure its prey. Due to overfishing, blue marlin is considered to be a threatened species. This fish has a high commercial value, mainly because it is used in Japan for sashimi. Its meat is also used by roadside vendors, who smoke the meat when selling.

The blue marlin is usually caught as a bycatch in longline fisheries. Now that you understand all this, people might sometimes come across different questions being asked regarding the fish. One common query is “How to prepare blue marlin fish?”. If you are also wondering the same thing then going through this article should help you in finding out how this can be done. This is because we will be providing you with all the information required regarding this query.

How To Prepare Blue Marlin Fish?

When it comes to preparing blue marlin fish, the technique is quite necessary. This is because it highly determines what the taste of your fish is going to be like. Now that you understand this, another thing people should note is that there are tons of different techniques that can be used.

Though, no matter how you are cooking the fish, one important utensil that you should have is a food thermometer. This can help you in checking the internal temperature of your fish while you are cooking it. Now that you understand all this, here is a small list of steps that can help you in preparing your blue marling fish.

  1. Start by preparing your marinade and then leaving your fish soaked inside it for about 40 minutes. Keep in mind that this is one of the most important steps as your fish will absorb all the flavors from the mixture. Carefully add the seasonings so that your meat can be flavorful.
  2. People can now start heating their grill until the temperature gets warm enough. Putting your fish on a cold grill can result in the outer layer getting burnt.
  3. Make sure that you flip the fish as you cook it so that it can be even on both sides. Heating the fish from one side only can result in it getting cooked unevenly.
  4. Once you think your fish is cooked, add the thermometer inside it and then check its temperature from the middle. If you notice that this is around 40 to 60 degrees Celsius then the meat should be firm enough to eat.
  5. If the temperatures are lower than this, then continue to cook your fish as it is most likely raw. Removing the meat too quickly can also result in its texture being chewy. This is why you should avoid this from happening.

The steps mentioned above are enough to understand how blue marlin fish can be prepared while avoiding issues.

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