Lowrance Ghost Arrow Sticking? Try These 4 Fixes

lowrance ghost arrow sticking
lowrance ghost arrow sticking

Lowrance Ghost is a powerful trolling motor with a sleek design and minimal presence in the water. Even when the weather is rough, you won’t hear much noise from this motor, and it is known for its quiet operations. This is one of the most reliable motors on the market as long as you’re keeping track of the maintenance requirements. So, make sure to go through the weekly cycles and keep the unit clean.

Otherwise, you’ll run into quite a few situations, including Lowrance Ghost Arrow Sticking. If your motor is also responding similarly, then the following details might help.

Lowrance Ghost Arrow Sticking Fix:

  1. Power Cycle Motor

Among other methods, power cycling the motor is the easiest and a pretty consistent method of addressing minor issues like indicator arrow sticking or not responding correctly to the motor direction. So, instead of getting the unit replaced immediately, you need to power cycle the motor and then check the response from the unit one more time.

More often than not, the motor will start responding to the direction, and the indicator will stop sticking. So, just remove the battery connections for a few minutes and then connect the motor to power one more time.

  1. Clean Indicator Arrow

There is a good possibility that you’re dealing with excessive debris particles and dirt entrapped in the indicator. The arrow will stick or stutter when it is getting blocked by debris, and you need to remove the debris by taking apart the indicator and cleaning it with a fresh cloth.

That should be enough to get your unit working perfectly. However, make sure to be gentle with the arrow as it can get damaged rather easily. Otherwise, you’ll have to call for a replacement and get the unit fixed by the experts.

  1. Master Reset Your Unit

If you’re sure that there are no issues with the debris stuck on the arrow, then you need to master reset the unit. This will help you narrow down the possibility of programming issues, and you’ll be able to get ahead of this issue once the problem is with the Lowrance Ghost arrow sticking or stuttering.

On the other hand, if the unit doesn’t work even after the hard reset, then you will have to call for a replacement. The only possibility left is that your unit is defective, and you’ll have to source a replacement from the official Lowrance support team.

  1. Get A Replacement 

You can either call the Lowrance dealer or the official support members to provide you with a replacement. The Lowrance support will direct you towards the nearest repair centre, and you won’t have to go over budget to get the arrow fixed. So, instead of spending hours in the troubleshooting process, make sure to get help from the experts.

They will make the process much easier, and you won’t have to spend much time trying to fix the indicator. Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with the same complication once the unit gets fixed.

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