Raymarine Wi-Fish Review – Any Good?

raymarine wi-fish review
raymarine wi-fish review

Raymarine units might not be able to compete with Garmin in terms of pure performance, but when it comes to simple operations and easy use, there aren’t any better brands on the market. For this reason, the majority of anglers start out with the Raymarine systems and then eventually shift to Garmin when they have the budget saved up for the premium tier devices from Garmin.
Recently, the compact Raymarine Wi-Fish System has been getting a ton of attention from anglers. This device is one of the best on the market when it comes to smart features and makes it effortless to broadcast sonar data. Here are further details on the Raymarine Wi-Fish system.

Raymarine Wi-Fish Review:

You can connect this unit directly to your tablet or smartphone through Wi-Fi and directly stream the data from the unit. The best thing about this system is that you won’t have to worry as much about the cable management or hours of initial setup to get the unit working. Moreover, the pricing is pretty affordable when you’re sticking with this compact box. So, if you’re short on cash or simply need an accessory for your boat, Wi-Fish from Raymarine is not a bad choice.

It is equipped with all the features that you can expect in a complete Dragonfly setup from Raymarine. So, you won’t be missing out on anything, and you can pause, rewind, and zoom in on the detailed images through your tablet. All you have to do is to install the Wi-Fish application and sync it up with the sonar unit. After that, you’ll be presented with a simple layout, and it will be effortless to manage your fishing sport according to the fish population.

While the unit claims to work with Navionics, many anglers have pointed out issues with the configurations. However, some users point this out to be a simple setup error, and you can reach out to the Raymarine official support regarding this issue. They will be more than happy to guide you through the configurations, and you will be able to make use of all the additional smart features from the Navionics program. Most of the time, you’ll just have to reinstall the app for the Navionics unit to discover your unit, but you can always get specialized help from the support members.

The customer response has been pretty positive on this unit as far as the beginners are concerned. You will get an amazing value package within a minimal price range, and you won’t feel the need to upgrade for years. So, make sure to try out Raymarine Wi-Fish if you’re a beginner and don’t really want to spend thousands of dollars on a new sonar unit for your boat. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

Overall, the Raymarine Wi-Fish unit is known for its clarity, easy accessibility through the mobile device, effortless controls, simple layout, and compatibility with Navionics. It is not an expensive unit, and the majority of anglers can afford to install this system on their boats. So, if you’re looking for an additional display for the sonar device and have a smartphone lying around, then Raymarine Wi-Fish will fight right into your system.

How Does It Compare To Dragonfly 4?

When you’re talking about the Dragonfly units, they are one of the most popular series from Raymarine. The performance is nothing short of phenomenal, and you’ll get a minimal display from this unit. Moreover, it can also be connected to your phone, just like the Wi-Fish unit. However, as far as the Navionics compatibility is concerned, you won’t get the same performance. Moreover, the pricing might be a bit too high for some anglers, and you’ll need to consider the added expense when making use of this device.
On the other hand, the built-in display along with high-quality images is not a bad addition to your system. So, if you have the money for a Dragonfly unit, it is not a bad idea to choose that over Wi-Fish. You’ll be able to broadcast the same information on the screen without worrying about any compatibility issues. However, if you’re not really a fan of the smaller screen and need to save up some budget, then going with Wi-Fish is the right choice for you.

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