Sage Salt vs Sage Xi3 – What To Go For?

sage salt vs xi3
sage salt vs xi3

Fly rods from Sage have always been the only option for users that are looking for top-tier performance and a premium build quality. Along with providing users with phenomenal performance, Sage offers complete comfortability. The quality of the cork handle is just superior across all the lineups launched by Sage. The only limiting factor to this brand is the price point that you will have to pay. However, if you’re comfortable with spending hundreds of dollars on a new rod, then Sage is for you.

The recent comparisons on Sage Salt and Xi3 seem to have confused many anglers about the better choice between these two options. Both of these rods are incredibly pricey, but bring a decent level of utility. So, let’s go over Sage Salt and Xi3 briefly.

Sage Salt vs Sage Xi3

Sage Salt 

While the basic performance and market position of Sage Salt and Xi3 is similar, there are still a few differences that set these rods apart from each other. The first thing that most anglers have pointed out is that the Sage Salt brings a thinner blank to the owners. Even though the size of this blank is more than enough to cast heavier flies, it is still a bit thin when compared with Sage Xi3. However, this doesn’t mean that Sage Salt is less durable than the Xi3.

The thinner blank on this rod allows for more stiffness, and anglers have mentioned Sage Salt to be the better choice when it comes to power. So, you’ll be able to transfer more power and cast heavier flies with the Sage Salt when comparing the rod with the Xi3. Other than that, both of these rods bring a similar design and rod action to the anglers.

If you’re a beginner, then the only difference you’ll notice between the two rods is the slight color variation. Other than that, both rods will feel the same, and you will be able to enjoy phenomenal fishing results with either one of these options. So, if you’re a novice, you can’t go wrong with either one of these options.

Overall, Sage Salt is considered the better rod when it comes to casting accuracy. It is not as easy to use because of the faster rod action, and you’ll need a bit of experience under your belt to benefit from this rod. So, if you’re someone who prefers to use a rod that is easier to cast and more comfortable over extended hours, then going with Sage Xi3 over the Sage Salt will ensure better performance.

Sage Xi3

This rod has been in the market for years and brings a more convenient system to the anglers. If you browse the community forums for a few minutes, you’ll find that beginners are amazed by the performance of this rod. So, if you’re also learning the basics, it would be easier to get consistent fishing results while making use of the Sage Xi3. It is pretty durable and offers a lesser swing weight to the anglers. You won’t feel any excessive strain on your hands while benefiting from this rod.

The swing weight on this rod is nowhere near the weight you’ll feel with the Sage Salt. The Xi3 is known for closely matching the performance of Sage Salt without putting you in an uncomfortable situation. So, if you’re worried about the increased strain on your arms, Sage Xi3 has got you covered. You’ll be able to effortlessly throw a good amount of line without having to worry about the rod action.

Even with the thicker blank on this rod, it will feel light on your hands. This reduced weight of the rod is a huge plus when you’re comparing these rods side by side. So, if you prefer comfort over stiffer casting accuracy, then going with Sage Xi3 is better for you.

Overall, the Sage Xi3 maintains a better value when you’re talking comfort. It feels lighter but brings the same power and smoothness as the Sage Salt. As far as the durability of both rods is concerned, you don’t have to worry about a thing. These rods can last you for decades as long as you’re following proper maintenance requirements. So, test out these rods for yourself and pick the one that feels better in your hands.

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