Shimano Symetre vs Stradic Comparison Guide

shimano symetre vs stradic
shimano symetre vs stradic

There are many spinning reels in the market that can transform the efficiency of your fishing setup. However, most of these fishing reels will cost thousands of dollars, and you will have to set aside a substantial budget to upgrade the fishing reels on your setup. This is why you will often find users moving towards more value brands like Shimano and Daiwa. There have been many queries regarding the Shimano Symetre vs Stradic recently. If you’re also interested in these fishing reels, then the information mentioned here would give you a better perspective on whether or not you should purchase these units.

Shimano Symetre vs Stradic Comparison

Shimano Symetre

While there are some differences between the performance of Symetre and Stradic, users have pointed out that their overall utility is quite similar. So, if you’re a casual angler that is looking for a reliable fishing reel, then you can’t go wrong with either one of these options. With that said, most people recommend users to go with Symetre for a better price point. If you’re also working with a tighter budget, then Symetre is the perfect option for you.

The only issue that some users have pointed out with this unit is that the performance of the bail is not satisfactory. If you’re used to the bail system engaging perfectly every time, then this can be cause for concern. However, if you like to close the bail manually, then there are no issues with this setup. It will perfectly fit into your fishing unit, and you’ll get the desired performance.

Other than that bail issue, the smoothness and casting distance with this fishing reel closely matches Stradic. Many experts have also pointed out that this fishing reel is more durable and brings more power to your unit. So, if you’re trying to catch heavier fish and like using weighted lures, then the Symetre is a better choice for your fishing style.

All in all, Shimano Symetre is one of the few fishing reels that have been serving anglers for many years. In terms of functionality, there are minimal differences between these two units, and it is likely that you won’t notice a difference as you try to cast both of these fishing reels. So, keep that in mind when you’re trying to upgrade your fishing setup with a better reel.

Shimano Stradic

If you’re someone who values performance and smoothness over the price point, then Stradic is the better option for you. It is much lighter than the Symetre model, and you’ll notice an increase in the smoothness of your casts. However, the durability of this unit isn’t comparable with the Symetre fishing reel, and you will have to take good care of this unit if you want it to last for a longer period.

Depending upon the dealer you choose, the price point on the Shimano Stradic will be somewhat higher than the Symetre unit. So, be prepared to extend your budget if you’re trying to benefit from the added smoothness of this fishing reel. Even though most people say that the added smoothness and lighter weight don’t justify the increase in price, you will find that many experts rely on Shimano Stradic for their daily fishing trips.

Other than that, the performance of both these units is almost the same. You will get the same features, build quality, and casting distance. So, the only thing you should focus on is your budget. That way, it will be easier to upgrade the fishing setup. Especially when you’re trying to buy a fishing reel that falls within the premium range. With that said, you should always get a feel for the unit. Go to the equipment store and trying the unit yourself.

All in all, Shimano Stradic brings better performance when you compare these fishing reels side by side. However, the improvement in performance is not significant enough to impact their purchase decision. If you’re in the same boat and trying to look for the best value, then Symetre is the better option for you. On the other hand, if you’re trying to get every bit of performance from your unit and have a flexible budget, then going with Shimano Stradic will serve you perfectly.

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