Sougayilang vs Plusinno Rods – The Better Brand?

sougayilang vs plusinno
sougayilang vs plusinno

The portability of telescopic rods has always been the center of attention for many anglers in the market. Finding a good balance between efficient performance and portability can be pretty difficult, and you will often struggle with the transportation of your fishing system. Luckily, telescopic rods address this issue perfectly and bring an extendable system that can be stored in a compact space. Sougayilang and Plusinno are two of the most popular brands when it comes to telescopic rods. Both of these options are pretty established in the market and offer an extensive range of features to the anglers. So, here are some details on Sougayilang vs Plusinno rods.

Sougayilang vs Plusinno Fishing Rods Comparison


The Sougayilang options dominate the market when it comes to medium-powered telescopic rods for panfish. It offers a robust design, and you won’t have to worry about any issues with the rod fracturing under pressure. While many anglers are skeptical about the sensitivity of these telescopic rods, Sougayilang has got you covered with an ideal costing system. It is one of the best options when you’re trying to save money and will prove to be cheaper depending upon the dealer you choose.

When it comes to the overall length, width, action, structure, and basic feel, both rods are one and the same. The only difference that you will find between these two options is the differences in the structure of the reel seat. The Plusinno features a bit flatter structure, while you will find a bit rounder reel seat on the Sougayilang system. This difference has minimal impact on the final performance, and you won’t have to worry about a thing with this reel.

If you’re confused between these two options, then you should just pick the rod that is cheaper and comes from a reliable dealer. There aren’t any hidden features or extra benefits that can be realized by choosing Sougayilang over Plusinno. So, just pick the telescopic rod that is cheaper for your budget and test out its performance for a few weeks.

Overall, Sougayilang telescopic rods are pretty decent, and this brand has maintained a nice reputation as a budget brand in the market. It is not that different from Plusinno when you’re talking about basic performance. The only difference is the reel seat, and you should choose the design that matches your taste. There is no point in spending money on the more expensive unit as you won’t be able to differentiate between these rods when they are placed side by side.


If you’re looking for better dealer support and a good market reputation, then Plusinno will always be the only option between these two brands. Even though there are no substantial differences between the Plusinno units and the Sougayilang rods, you will find that the majority of anglers prefer to put their money on this brand. So, there is no harm in following the same pattern and going with Plusinno if you’re struggling with the availability of the Sougayilang system.

Both of these brands focus extensively on price points, and affordability is the only concern. You can’t expect phenomenal performance from either one of these options, and both rods bring incredible efficiency to your system. So, if you’re not that worried about the pricing and just want a better rod, then options like Sage and Scott are far more suitable for you.

According to experts, the Sougayilang and Plusinno telescopic systems provide the same basic performance. The design on the Plusinno unit might be a bit better, but that all depends on personal preferences. So, if you prioritize patterns and the basic design on the Plusinno system, then there is no harm in putting your money on these rods.

Overall, Plusinno is considered the better option because of the elegant design and the shape of the reel seat. Other than that, there are no extra features on this unit, and the build quality is almost the same. There is no need to go out of your way to get Sougayilang over the Plusinno system or vice versa. Both of these units will serve you equally well, and your focus should be on finding a reliable dealer. Otherwise, you will struggle with securing the unit in good shape.

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