What Is High Sticking A Fishing Rod? (Explained)

what is high sticking a fishing rod
what is high sticking a fishing rod

When purchasing a new fishing rod, your primary focus should always be on the build quality and the diameter. It is true that slimmer rods offer more sensitivity to the anglers, but there is no point in spending money on a rod that will end up snapping in a few months. For this reason, you should always give top priority to durability. On the other hand, even the most phenomenal rods end up snapping as you put weight on the end of your rod. So, here are some details on these rods and how you should avoid high sticking.

What Is High Sticking A Fishing Rod?

High sticking refers to the condition where you grab the rod higher between guides and then try to pull on the fish with all your might. This creates a massive flex in the rod, and the unit will start bending in one direction aggressively. The bend will not be within the defined limits, and the rod will end up breaking in no time. So, it is not a good idea to try out this technique even when you’re struggling with the fishing conditions.

While many anglers believe that they can get away with high sticking when using more stable units like Shimano, that is not always the case. It all comes down to the size of fish you’re catching as well as the roughness of the water. When the bend on the rod goes beyond safe limits, then there is nothing that can stop it from breaking.

Your best bet to avoid this situation is to grab the rod lower and avoid putting too much weight on the unit. Otherwise, you will struggle with the longevity of your fishing system, and you will have to buy a new fishing system for your unit. So, keep that in mind if you’re struggling to find a good fishing rod.

In most situations, you don’t want the handle to go beyond the 80-degree position relative to the fish. This situation is also pretty demanding, and the rod shouldn’t be put in these conditions if you’re looking for long-term performance. So, make sure to limit the angle of the rod handle and don’t lift your rod too high. That way, the angle of the fishing rod will be perfect, and the unit won’t break even when the fight extends for a few extra minutes.

To Conclude

High sticking a fishing rod means grabbing the rod higher than the rod handle and pulling on the rod with excessive force. This condition creates a sharper angle relative to the fish, and the tip bends by a significant margin. So, keep that in mind if you’re struggling to find a fishing system that matches your system demands.

It is true that pulling hard on the rod can sometimes be effective during the end of the fight. However, when you’re dealing with a stronger fish, it is best to take your time and avoid putting too much strain on the fishing system. That way, you will save yourself from several issues.

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