Jet Diver vs Dipsy Diver – Which Should You Get?

jet diver vs dipsy diver
jet diver vs dipsy diver

Along with the budget, you will have to manage a variety of different factors while developing your fishing setup.

If you’re a beginner, then relying on expert opinion is almost always the correct option. Otherwise, you will be wasting a ton of money on equipment that does not match the water conditions in your region.

So, just reach out to some local anglers and seek help regarding setup development. There have been many queries recently about the use of Jet Diver vs Dipsy Diver.

If you’re also confused about which option you should choose, then following the information mentioned below should help you with a complete picture.

Jet Diver vs Dipsy Diver Comparison

  Jet Diver Dipsy Diver
Shape  J shaped Disc/ round shaped
Sizes 5 4
Underwater movement To and fro Circular
Best for Shallow waters or upto 50 feet Deep waters
Price Cheap Affordable

 Jet Diver

There are quite a few differences as you try to compare Jet Divers with Dipsy Divers. According to most anglers, the Jet Divers are relatively easier to handle and float when you’re not trying to move them.

The movement of this diver is also more robust and attracts more fish toward your setup.

With the Jet Divers, you don’t need exceptional rod action to maintain your fishing efficiency. So, if you’re a beginner and need a setup that is effective and easier to use, then Jet Diver is the better option for you.

The primary difference between the two accessories is that the Jet Diver comes with a solid side-to-side motion, while you will notice a minimal circular motion with the Dipsy Diver.

Depending upon the motion of the rod, you won’t have to worry as much about the rod sinking into the water. This setup won’t sink past the forty inches depth mark even when you’re providing minimal power.

So, if you’re not trying to catch fish in deep waters, then going with the Jet Diver is the better choice.

While making the purchase decision, you should have the fishing depth and target fish in mind.

Many experts have pointed out that this setup performs better in shallow waters.

jet diver

On the other hand, if you’re looking to catch something deeper than the 40-inch mark, then going with the Dipsy setup is better.

If you’re experienced enough and know how to manage the rod action, then Dipsy Diver can easily outperform a Jet Diver.

In the end, it all comes down to your fishing experience. So, even if you think you’re not running an optimal setup, improving your technique can have a transformational impact on the fishing experience.

Dipsy Diver

This type of diver is almost ideal for users that need something to hunt in deep waters.

Even though many people have this misconception that this diver does not move, it maintains a minimal circular motion as it sinks down.

So, if you know how to follow a proper rod action technique, then going with the Dipsy Diver should never be a problem.

This setup is better suited for seasoned anglers, and if you’re new to this setup, then it will take a while before you can improve the efficiency of your fishing trip.

dipsy diver

Instead of coming up, the Dipsy Diver sinks further into the water when you stop the movement of the rod.

So, if you’re trying to catch fish deeper in the water, then make sure to provide sufficient time for the Dipsy Diver to drop down to the target depth.

Once the setup has reached optimal depth, you can start the rod action to enhance the rig movement and attract more fish toward your setup.

However, if you’re fishing in shallow waters, then it will be quite difficult to outperform Jet Divers while using a Dipsy Diver.

All in all, both setups bring incredible performance to your setup as long as you know how to manage the action of your rod. With that said, most people rely on the use of a Jet Diver when they are going fishing in shallow waters.

However, when anglers need something better to access fish deeper than the 40 inches depth mark, then Dipsy Diver is a better choice.

If, for some reason, you still aren’t sure about which setup to choose, ask your local anglers to let you demo their setups.

That way, you will get an accurate feel of the performance of both these accessories on the water. So, give both setups a try for yourself and choose the one that better matches your fishing style.

Jet Diver vs Dipsy Diver Side-By-Side Comparison

  1. Underwater Movement 

Together with the UV-reflecting colors of the Jet diver and the dipsy diver, their movement attracts the fish towards its lure, allowing you to catch the fish you have been waiting for a long time.

One significant difference between the two divers is the motion of these underwater. Where the Jet diver has a side-to-side or, you may also say to and fro movement to attract the fish, the dipsy diver moves relatively in a circular pattern underwater.

Dipsy comes with an adjustable weight that enables you to direct your focus on whatever location you find best for yourself.

This small difference between them however does not make one diver superior to other.

  1. Variation In Shape And Sizes

Jet diver has a buoyant chamber at one end and diving wings on the other. It is designed to collect the pressure created by water against its wings to dive into the water.

shallow water

The water current will drive the wings toward the bottom when placed in currents, making the divers dive.

When the pressure is released, the buoyant chamber lifts the driver up and over obstructions like rocks.

This unique system allows you to lure right down to the bottom of the waters where the fish is found and catch fish without hanging up.

All these functions of the Jet Driver can be efficiently carried out in whatever size you have the jet diver. Varying the sizes, you can vary the depth to which these divers go. The same is the case with dipsy divers, but both have different sizes.

Hence they can be used considering the waters you are luring and the depth you expect to reach.

The Jet Divers come in 5 sizes; 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50. These sizes correspond to their maximum dive depth. Depending on their sizes, they are rigged on different lines—for instance, the biggest jet diver rigs on a slider dropper line.

On the other hand, the Dipsy diver is slightly different from the Jet diver. It is round in shape- a plastic disc at the center of which you will find adjustable weight.

The dipsy diver is an underwater board that pulls your line out to the boat’s side and pulls them down.

water drop

They come in 4 different sizes; 030, 000, 001, and 003, with running depths of 25, 30, 50, and 100”, respectively.

The adjustable weight on the Dipsy diver lets you control which side of the boat the dipsy diver will plan on and off or if you want to go straight down.

So eventually, it comes down to the circumstances, the water level you are fishing in, and your preferences in deciding which among the divers is the best choice for your current situation.

  1. Difference In use 

While considering the different sizes of both the divers, one must also know how to effectively use them so the bait/lure attached to it enables you to catch a fish.

Many users have reviewed that Dipsy divers are challenging to use, but once users get accustomed to it, they work efficiently and give the best results.

Compared to the Dipsy divers, Diver jets are user-friendly and easy to use.


In addition, Jet divers perform best in shallow waters, considering their sizes and running depth.

On the contrary dipsy divers outperform jet divers in deep water and, when used for deep-water fishing, give you results that make your fishing experience not only successful but also delightful.

So you are a beginner angler and have just started fishing, use jet divers, which are user-friendly, handy, and easy to use. Start from shallow water fishing and progress to more efficient and complex Ddipsy divers that perform best even in deep waters.

  1. Price

The diver jet and the dipsy diver are both good quality divers, and you can choose any among the two, considering the water depth you want to reach.


If you want something fairly cheap, then jet divers should be your first choice, as they are relatively less costly than Dipsy divers.

Considering dipsy divers allows you to adjust weight and rig in whatever direction you want, its price is worth it.


Both the divers are of good quality and reasonably priced; hence depending on your fishing sites, deep or shallow water, you can decide which would suit you best.

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