Lews vs Abu Garcia Fishing Reel: What’s The Difference

lews vs abu garcia
lews vs abu garcia

Most people like to use a spinning reel because of its convenience and ease of use. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about going out of your preferred budget range.

One of the better features of the bait caster reels is a lightweight and smaller in size.

So, if you don’t have to remain within a limited budget, then a bait caster reel might be the better option for you. Here we will be covering fishing reels from two of the most prestigious brands.

Both of these are amazing to use but there are also some differences between them.

So, if you are confused between these two brands, follow through to pick the right fishing reel that suits your style as we compare Lews vs Abu Garcia. Keep in mind that going through the information provided below is essential.

This should help most users in understanding how the fishing reels vary from each other. As a result, people can make better decisions and ensure that the equipment lasts them a much longer time.

If you are still confused, then you might have to contact the support team for these brands.

Lews vs Abu Garcia Fishing Reel Comparison

Fishing Reels From Brands Lews Fishing Reels Abu Garcia Fishing Reels
Options Available On Reels Tons Of Models Tons Of Models
Durability Of Fishing Reels Lower Durability In Comparison Better Durability In Comparison
Performance Of Fishing Reels Amazing Performance Amazing Performance
Price Tag Of Fishing Reels Higher Price On Most Models Lower Price On Most Models

Lews Fishing Reel

Even though both of these brands offer similar quality features in their products, many experts have pointed out better durability in the Abu Garcia reels.

However, when compared with other brands on the market, Lew’s reels offer exceptional durability to anglers.

So, the difference is not substantial enough to make a difference in your purchase decision. If you like fishing casually, then Lews will last you just as long as the Abu Garcia reels.

Other than that, all the features are pretty similar, with Abu Garcia being somewhat better than Lews in some aspects.

Furthermore, the price tag on most of the Lews models is higher when compared with similar models in the Abu Garcia brand.

So, if you’re looking for maximum efficiency and a bang for the buck, then Abu Garcia is the better option for you.


However, this does not mean that the quality of Lew’s reels is terrible. In terms of smoothness and castability, the Lews reels provide just as much smoothness and ease to the anglers.

Even if you’re a beginner, the Lews reel will help you manage the process quite easily.

So, even though Abu Garcia is somewhat superior in most aspects, the difference is not substantial enough to impact the purchase decision by a considerable margin.

With that said, you should definitely choose the reel with a better price tag and availability.

Overall, Lews is a solid brand and will provide you with all the features that you expect in a top-range fishing reel. There are many products available on this brand that are perfect for experimentation for beginners.

So, if you’re getting a good deal on a Lew’s model, then you shouldn’t think twice about choosing it over Abu Garcia. Aside from this, people should note that the brand Lews has come up with tons of lineups over the years.

The great thing about this is that the newer lineups have upgraded features.


This is why if you are thinking about purchasing a fishing reel for yourself then there are several things that should be kept in mind. The first and most important one is that you should go through the specifications of these devices.

This lets people understand if the fishing reel is worth it or not. The easiest method for this is to visit the official website for Lews and then select a model that you are interested in.

This should show you all of the features of the existing model so that you can make a decision.

Keep in mind that considering your requirements here can be essential. This is because there are tons of features that might be required by you for your fishing trip.

If a model has all of these available then it is best that you go for it out of all the options available.

Abu Garcia Fishing Reel

Known as one of the most reliable brands of fishing reels, Abu Garcia brings a wide variety to the table. You can’t go wrong with the purchase decision on either of these two brands.

However, if you are looking for peak performance and affordability, Abu Garcia is superior to Lews.

Not only does Abu Garcia bring better value to the table, but you also don’t have to worry about going out of budget just to get a fishing reel for your rod.


If you had to choose between Lews and Abu Garcia, you should go for Abu Garcia.

It brings phenomenal build quality to the anglers, and you won’t regret this purchase decision. When it comes to smoothness and durability, Abu Garcia beats Lews by a bit of a margin.

For most anglers, this difference in performance is not substantial enough to impact the purchase decision.

However, if you are competitive and want only the best equipment, Abu Garcia is the way to go. The customer response to this brand has been overwhelmingly positive.

This is especially true for the past few years as more and more anglers switch to Abu Garcia.

It provides a complete package, and customers can choose from the wide variety offered by this brand. So, if you want a quality reel, there is no better brand available on the market.


You should spend the money on the Abu Garcia store. This will help you equip yourself with the best fishing reel in the market.

All in all, both these brands are pretty capable and offer similar advantages to the customers. Most beginners won’t even notice the difference in the build quality and the smoothness of the two fishing reels.

So, if you’re just a casual angler, buying from either one of these two brands is enough to get a reliable fishing reel.

The information provided above is mostly enough for people to understand how these fishing reels are different from each other and then select one of them.

If you are still confused, then it is best that you contact the support team for these brands. This is because they should be able to help you out by answering any questions you have in mind regarding the products.

The support team can also come in handy during problems.

This is because the team will ask you some questions related to your issue. Answering these carefully should allow the team to provide you with reliable solutions.


If none of these work then you can claim the warranty service on your fishing reel.

This allows people to get free replacement units as long as their product was still under warranty. There are also some guidelines that you might have to go through.

These are usually provided along the fishing reel so you should not have much trouble going through them.

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