Pursuit vs Boston Whaler – Which Boat Is Better?

pursuit vs boston whaler
pursuit vs boston whaler

Finding a reliable boat for your fishing adventures can be somewhat challenging when you’re not aware of the basic requirements.

For this reason, you should take some time out of your routine and seek help from local experts. They will guide you much better on which system is better for your local region.

Most of the time, the expensive units are not the best ones, and you need to be a bit more mindful of what unit is better suited for your local water conditions.

This is why you will find many beginners seeking help from experts and dealers when they go to buy their first boat.

They will have more knowledge of the local water conditions and the performance of different brands.

That way, you’ll get a list of viable options that will perform well in your local fishing regions. With that said, quite a few queries have recently been recorded on Pursuit VS Boston Whaler.

If you’re also confused about which brand to choose, then the following details will help you get a better perspective. You can also reach out to the dealer, and he will list some of the specifics for all the models that you’re interested in.

What’s The Difference Between Pursuit VS Boston Whaler?

Specifics  Pursuit  Boston Whaler
Better Variety
Pricing Affordable Premium
Warranty  5 year (Structural) 10 Year (Structural)

Spending the big bucks on your first boat can be a bit overwhelming for some owners. There is a lot of thought and research that goes into finalizing the purchase decision.

So, be prepared to go through the specifics of the different models offered by this brand.


Most of the time, all you’re looking for is a robust system that doesn’t only offer great performance but also enables owners with a reasonable budget.

This is the biggest factor that you will have to consider, and going with the more expensive system isn’t always the best solution.

When you compare premium brands like Boston Whaler with the budget options like Pursuit, Boston Whaler will almost always come out on top.

This brand is far superior to any other option that you might find on the market. However, this performance will bring a hefty price tag to the unit.

For this reason, you will find the majority of owners sticking with Pursuit units for their first trip. If you’re in the same situation and don’t really plan on spending the top buck here, try sticking with Pursuit over the Boston Whaler system.

Similarly, if you’re only concerned with performance, quality, comfort, durability, and budget is not the problem for you, then going with Boston Whaler is the better idea.

However, you can’t implement this generalized statement on every model, and the dealer will be able to guide you better.

Here are some more specifics on both units to help you with the purchase decision. 


There are many happy owners who have been using Pursuit units for years. This brand presents an extensive portfolio of reliable boats that will match a variety of environmental conditions.

Even though there are minimal pricing and power differences between Pursuit and Boston Whaler, you can’t go wrong with either one of these options. 

Both of these brands are quite reliable, and it is quite rare to see unsatisfied customers while dealing with these options. So, make sure to go for the boat with a better layout and lower price.

With that said, some users have mentioned that the Pursuit boats can’t keep up with the performance of Boston Whaler when it comes to the larger units.

Even though Pursuit boats are better for beginners, if you’re looking for a larger unit over 24 feet, then sticking with Pursuit might not be a good option.

It is true that the Pursuit boat is better than the majority of brands in the market, but the build quality of Boston Whaler for the larger boats is far better.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for better center console options, then Pursuit has been dominating that segment for years.

pursuit boats

There are many happy customers that had nothing but good things to say about the Pursuit center console units.

So, if you are looking for a similar unit, then going with Pursuit is a better option. There is no such thing as one perfect boat, and your perfect will dictate the final decision.

So, be sure to test out the units yourself before making the final purchase. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your cash on a unit that doesn’t serve your requirements.

All in all, Pursuit boats present a better value when you’re trying to purchase smaller units.

Users are in love with the layout and build quality of center console units and have been using this brand for years. So, you won’t have to concern yourself with any reliability problems or warranty issues in the long run.

Boston Whaler

boston whaler

If you’re looking for a more established brand that will retain most of the resale value, then sticking with Boston Whaler is a better choice for you.

Even though Pursuit is also considered a top-tier brand, the market sentiment is clearly toward Boston Whaler for bigger units.

So, if you’re looking for a massive boat for your fishing trip, then going with Boston Whaler is a good option for you. It will bring all the updated features and reliable structure to your fishing system.

With that said, some users did say that it takes a bit of time to learn the layout of this boat. So, if you’re new to fishing, it can take a while to get the hang of this setup.

On the other hand, Pursuit boats are much easier to maneuver. They present a better price point to the majority of users.

Other than that, both Boston Whaler and Pursuit have been in the market for decades, and thousands of anglers rely on their units for their fishing trips.

So, you can’t really make a wrong decision with either one of these brands. It all comes down to your budget and local water conditions.

So, make sure to involve some experts in the purchase decision. They will help you find the perfect match for your fishing needs.

All in all, the Boston Whaler has a better reputation. The majority of anglers with bigger boats prefer to go with Boston Whaler. So, if you’re looking for a unit that is larger than 24 feet in size, then going with Boston Whaler is the safer option.

Even though the Pursuit boats perform quite well, some users have pointed out that they can’t keep up with the Boston Whaler. So, make the final purchase decision according to your fishing needs if you wish to save money.

Wrapping Up

These specifics on both the Boston Whaler and the Pursuit boats should be enough to help you through the purchase.

However, if you’re just started getting into fishing as a hobby, then it would be better if you could seek help from local experts. You’ll save yourself from a bad purchase that way.

Going through with the purchase when you’re not even aware of the local fishing conditions will only set you back in the long run. So, to avoid those situations, you need to make sure that the water conditions perfectly match the model you’re purchasing.

If you’re not aware of the water conditions, the dealer or the local experts will guide you on what system will best complement the local conditions. From there, you can test out the boat yourself and decide whether or not it fits your fishing requirements.

For most experts, the Boston Whaler is better because of its robust structure.

However, if you’re trying to save on the cash and don’t really like Boston Whaler, then going with the Pursuit system is not a bad idea either. It all comes down to your budget, and you can choose either one of these options.

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