Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 Review – Buy It or Drop It?

shimano bantam curado cu-200 review
shimano bantam curado cu-200 review

The durability of the reel is one of the most crucial factors that you should consider, but you should prioritize it over the quality of the drag system and the casting smoothness.

There are several features on a fishing reel that should be kept in mind just like this to prevent problems.

Finding a good balance is necessary when you’re thinking of upgrading to a better reel.

So, instead of only looking at the budget options, testing out a few decent reels like the Shimano bantam Curado CU-200 is not a bad idea.

Shimano is among some of the best brands when it comes to fishing reels and similar equipment. The brand has a huge lineup that you can select from and each of these devices is equipped with numerous features.

This is why it is usually recommended that you go through all the options.

This fishing reel is the absolute unit, and anglers were in love with its performance. So, let’s go through a review of how Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 captured the hearts of countless anglers across the nation.

This should allow you to understand all the features provided by the reel.

People should note that going through the article carefully usually helps in learning about the features of the product. However, when it comes to purchasing it, your personal choice and taste also play a huge role.

So, make sure that you keep this in mind as well to prevent problems.

Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 Review

When you look at veteran anglers that have been fishing for decades, their top reel option will be Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200.

According to several experts, this reel changed the fishing game for all anglers with incredible performance and a robust structure.

Even though newer models have hit the market in recent years, no other unit can take the place of the Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 when it comes to the market sentiment.

So, if you’re interested in classic baitcasting models, Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 is the model for you.

If you can get your hands on Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 in good condition, it will help you enjoy a comfortable and effective fishing trip.


The pricing on these models is not that expensive, and the quality of the gears is phenomenal.

You won’t find any bad reviews on this model, and it is known for its incredible speed and smoother casting experience. Even with the heavier reel structure, you won’t have to worry about the retrieve rate.

The gear ratio on this model might not be exceptional according to the current market situation, but 6.2:1 option don’t sound too bad even when you’re comparing it with the premium models.

Shimano went all out with this reel, and it brings five durable bearings to the anglers.

Furthermore, anglers can access features like gear support, power assist, and consistent anti-reverse performance.

The only bad thing about Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 is that you can’t source this unit of good quality.

It is only available on second-hand markets like eBay, and you won’t be able to get this specific model from the official dealer.

So, you will likely have to change the bearing and oil up the reel components even when you can source this reel in good condition. The durability will always be a concern, and you’re much better off with a newer model.

Overall, it can be considered a legendary reel that has served anglers for decades. The popularity of this reel is unmatched, and even the most phenomenal units today don’t have the same reputation.

The only complication is that you won’t be able to source this unit in good shape, and there will always be quality-related issues. So, if you’re looking for an option that will last you for years, then going with a newer model is a good option.

There is no point in going with this reel unless you want to add it to the collection.

While there are tons of other brands that you can go with aside from Shimano, people comfortable with this company can usually go through its different lineups.

Users that are interested in purchasing a newer model of Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 should usually visit the official website for this brand.

This helps them in going through all the different models provided by the company and then deciding if these are worth it.

If you are still having trouble trying to decide then keep in mind that clicking any specific model will provide you with all of its details and specifications.


This can be a great way of going through several options and then narrowing down the list of fishing reels available.

The great thing about Shimano is that it also has a support team that can be contacted in case you have any questions. While the support team cannot help you out with products that have been discontinued.

The team will still answer any questions that you have regarding their lineups.

The process usually allows people to select other models that will suit them better. However, if you still want the same model then try asking your friends and family.

If you know someone that has this fishing reel available, then you can directly purchase it from them.

This helps in getting a reel that will have better durability. Trying to purchase this fishing reel from a random person can be dangerous as you never know what the condition of this device will be.

If you have someone selling the product nearby you then visit them to check out the reel.

How Does It Compare To Shimano Metanium?

The Metanium lineup from Shimano might be a bit on the pricier side, but you won’t find a better reel when it comes to pure performance.


Anglers have said nothing but good things about the smoothness of this reel, and the increased casting distance further adds to the value.

So, if you have the money to get a decent lineup from Shimano, try to go with Metanium models instead of the Shimano Bantam Curado CU-200 fishing reel.

It is true that the reputation of Shimano Bantam Curado is far more than any Metanium model, but there is no point in risking your investment on a second-hand unit.

Moreover, some of the Metanium models can even outperform the Shimano bantam Curado in perfect condition.

So, instead of only going with the market sentiment, you should go with a fishing reel that comes with complete dealer support. The great thing about this is that you can use customer support in case of any problems.

The team usually asks a few questions regarding your problem.

Answering these carefully allows customer support to providing you with a solution that can be used. If none of these are working, then you can claim the warranty service from the brand.


This is also another great service as it allows you to get free replacements.

Keep in mind that there are some guidelines that should be followed when trying to claim the warranty. You can go through the list of warranty guidelines carefully to confirm if your product falls under the service requirements or not.

If it doesn’t then you will have to pay for the repairs.

Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time on an option that doesn’t perform well. For this reason, you should just take the safer route with newer Shimano Metanium MGL reels.

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