Shimano Beastmaster 9000 vs 9000A – Which Feature Is Better?

shimano beastmaster 9000 vs 9000a
shimano beastmaster 9000 vs 9000a

If you’re planning on catching a trophy fish, it is best to go with reliable units. Premium units can cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and not many anglers want to spend that money.

Many brands like Shimano and Garmin have differentiated themselves as the leading brands in the market.

They are known for their performance, reliability, and ease of use. So, if you have the budget to afford premium products, it might be a good option to look into these brands.

You will often find people talking about Shimano Beastmaster 9000 vs the 9000A on online forums.

Both of these reels are quite effective and bring tremendous value to anglers. Though one major reason people get confused between them is because of all the similarities on these reels.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a simple comparison between them.

Going through it should help you in deciding how the reels are different as well as which one suits your usage better.

Shimano Beastmaster 9000 vs 9000A: Features Comparison

Shimano Beastmaster Reel Shimano Beast Master 9000 Shimano Beast Master 9000A
Drag Material Stainless Steel Cross Carbon Drag
Body Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Durability High Durability High Durability
Drag Sound Electronic Audible Sound Electronic Audible Sound
Dimensions 10.98 x 9.21 x 6.1 inches 10.55 x 8.94 x 5.43 inches

Shimano Beastmaster 9000

As far as the size and shape are connected, both 9000 and 9000A are quite similar. The Beastmaster 9000 is an electric reel that brings a ton of features to the anglers.

shimano beastmaster 9000

It is true that it can be quite expensive. But, when compared with the 9000A, you will get a better price tag.

This electric reel has a powerful motor that makes it effortless to bring the line back. You can easily focus on the fishing strategy without thinking much about holding your ground and pulling in the line.

With that said, the only difference between a Shimano Beastmaster 9000 and 9000A is that you will get slightly better motor performance and durability from the 9000A unit.

Other than that, both reels bring similar features to the anglers, and you can easily do all the things that can be expected from a high-end fishing reel.

The difference in the price point is not substantial enough if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a fishing reel.

So, if you want peak performance from the system and don’t have to worry about the budget, it is better to go with the 9000A. You will be amazed by the value proposition and the utility that it will bring to your fishing trip.

All in all, the Shimano Beastmaster 9000 is a durable fishing reel.

It is famous for its exceptional performance among other brands. It has sufficient durability and motor performance to make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

So, if you don’t have the necessary budget, going for the 9000 model is a better option.

The main reason behind this is that the reel will still outperform most of the other equipment available in the same price range. This is one of the major reasons why the 9000 model is so popular.

Another thing people should note about the reel is that it can be used to catch a variety of fish.

The 55-pound weight limit on the device allows people to catch much larger varieties without any issues. This can be amazing as you don’t have to worry about the reel breaking.

On top of this, the support for line capacity also offers a wide selection.

This way people have the option to select from a range of lines that are all supported by the Shimano Beastmaster. Though make sure that you check this carefully when purchasing a line.

This is because the line is an important thing to keep in mind while fishing. Having a weak line with this reel most likely means that it will break when trying to capture larger varieties.

As long as you purchase the line properly, your Shimano Beastmaster 9000 should offer great performance.

Shimano Beastmaster 9000A

If you can’t compromise on quality, then the Shimano Beastmaster 9000A is the perfect fishing reel for you. Many experts mention that this model dominates the market when it comes to exceptional fishing reels in the market.

So, you should never go wrong with this purchase as long as you have a sufficient budget.

shimano beastmaster 9000a

It will indeed have a substantial impact on your budget, but you will notice visible improvements in the results of your fishing experience.

This model from Shimano will provide perfect performance regardless of the weight of the fish on the other end of the line.

This model can cost you anywhere from 1400 to 2000 dollars. It depends upon the supplier you choose for the fishing equipment.

The unique design of this model reduces the dragging heat by half and you can use the dial on the side to adjust the power of the motor.

There are many unique features in this device that. You will be exploring these as you go about using this fishing reel for your weekly fishing trip.

The Beastmaster 9000A has a bulker design and brings an increased weight to your fishing rod. Other than that, there are no downsides to having this fishing reel as a part of your equipment.

fishing rod water

So far, all customers love the performance of this system. They aren’t willing to switch to any other model.

One thing people should note about Shimano is its support team. This can be quite helpful if you are having trouble with the device or even selecting a reel from them.

Customer support can be contacted in case of any problems with the device.

The only thing that you need to do is provide them with all the details about your issue. Once done, the team will then go through the details to isolate the problem for you.

This can take some time, but you will most likely be provided with some viable troubleshooting steps.

These are mostly enough to fix the problems but if you notice that there is some damage on your reel. Then the team will ask you to send the reel back to them.

They will then get this repaired for you or even replace it with a new one. This is where the warranty service comes in and it can be quite helpful in most cases.

try support

If your problem falls under the warranty guidelines, then you can use it to get free repairs.

In the end, you should make the purchase decision based on the availability of the unit as well as the price point.

If you’re not a competitive angler, it is better to just choose the 9000 model and you won’t notice much difference in the performance.

However, if you can’t compromise on quality and want to achieve peak performance then the 9000A model is for you. With this information, you can make the best decision for your fishing experience.

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  1. The 9000A has a power a little bit increased (133kg instead of 113kg).
    The 9000A has also a first additional menue in which you can choose the language shone on the LCD screen.

    BUT: I noticed that the 9000A does not keep the memory of the depth (10 min for the models 9000 and 9000ZB) !!! And it is a problem, for example if you fight against a tuna and your have to change your lithium battery, them the reel restart to zéro !!!!


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