3 Common Honda 4 Stroke Outboard Problems (With Fixes)

honda 4 stroke outboard problems
honda 4 stroke outboard problems

While buying a motor for your boat, the primary feature that you should look for is fuel efficiency. Even if a motor costs more initially, better fuel efficiency means you won’t have to pay less in the long run. Among many brands in the market, you will notice Honda 4 Stroke outboard motors being mentioned repeatedly. These units are known for prime performance and bring an optimal value proposition to the anglers.  Recently many users have come forward with queries about Honda 4 Stroke Outboard Problems. If you’re are wondering about the same thing, let’s cover some common outboard problems.

Common Honda 4 Stroke Outboard Problems

1. Decreased Engine Speed

Many anglers have pointed out issues where the engine speed decreases over time, and the motor comes to a stop. Users are unable to maintain a faster pace and can’t track with slower speed. On top of this, some users also mentioned issues with the engine stopping every few minutes. If any of these symptoms apply to you, then it is likely that your unit is overheating.

One of the leading reasons behind overheating units can be issued with the water pump. If you are not getting the desired performance from the water pump, the engine will cause you most of the issues mentioned here. So, depending upon your warranty status, it is best to call your dealer and have him fix the unit for you. That way, you won’t have to bear any of the extra expense to get ahead of this motor problem.

Aside from that, you should also take a look at the cooling water port. There is a good chance that the intake port is blocked, and the water can’t cycle through the system. In this situation, the best thing to do is to clean the port, and there should be a substantial boost in the performance of the system.

2. Motor Not Starting

Minor issues like these are pretty common in motor units. Most of the time, these issues are solvable by trying a few basic troubleshooting methods. So, if you’re struggling to start the motor or the motor is not operating properly, start by checking the spark plug gap. The owner’s manual will help you manage the gap perfectly. While you’re checking the gap of the spark plug, make sure to clean it as well.

However, if, for some reason, the motor is not starting at this stage, you will need to look towards other causes. These include checking the wiring harness as well as the ignition coil. Both of these components can be quite tricky to deal with if you’re a beginner. So, if you have a valid warranty, it is best to call the dealer and not try to fix the problem yourself.

Having professionals take care of your unit will not only ensure a complete solution but also won’t have to worry about further damaging the machine. Hopefully, this helps you get around the starting problem with your Honda 4 Stroke outboard motor.

3. Poor Engine Performance

Even though Honda motors are popular for their exceptional performance, there have been some cases where people struggle to get the desired efficiency from their unit. Most of the time, this problem is traceable back to issues with the fuel system. It is common to see anglers use low-grade fuel in their units. This fuel does not only decrease the efficiency of the system but further damages your motor.

So, if you believe that you’ve used lower-quality fuel, make sure to dump it all out and put premium quality fuel with the necessary amounts of fuel stabilizer. Doing this will help you maintain good engine performance throughout your trip. This will also have a positive impact on reducing the overall costs as you won’t have to spend that much on engine maintenance in the future. So, think long-term and avoid any of the fuel pump-related issues.

Lastly, checking the fuel filter is also a good practice. If the engine keeps stalling, then there’s a chance that there is a clog in your fuel filter. Replace the filter immediately, and you will notice a tremendous increase in the performance of the system. The solution listed here should help you better manage your Honda 4 Stroke Outboard problems.

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