Penn Squall 50VSW Review (For Beginners)

penn squall 50vsw review
penn squall 50vsw review

Even though Penn Squall reels have established themselves quite nicely in the market, many people still complain about the dragging issues in the fishing reel. Experts have pointed out that it takes longer for the drag system to engage in this unit. So, while fighting larger fish, you will have a harder time keeping pace with the overall process.

Other than that, these fishing reels are quite nice and bring a ton of variety to the anglers. Let’s briefly cover the Penn Squall 50VSW system and its features. If you’re considering purchasing this unit, then the following information should help you gain a better perspective.

Penn Squall 50VSW Review

As far as the design and the structure of this reel is concerned, it brings a basic value to the customers. However, the functionality and the performance of this system are quite exceptional. It executes all the functions that it was advertised for. The line capacity of this unit is pretty standard when you compare it with similar units in the market. Depending upon the fishing line that you use, it can cover anywhere from 600 to 900 yards. All of this depends upon the type of fish you’re catching and the strength of the line you’re using.

The price of this fishing reel is pretty affordable and you will have access to this complete unit within a few hundred dollars. It is advertised to bring a drag force of over 40 pounds to the anglers. As long as you remain within the lower limits of drag force, the smoothness of this fishing reel won’t be affected by a substantial margin. Aside from that, the clicker on this unit is pretty loud and makes it easier for anglers to manage the overall setup.

You can adjust the drag and the speed quite easily by managing the lever on the side of the system. These levers are quite sturdy and provide enhanced control over the drag force of the unit. You can easily adjust the cranking speed from the side of the reel by turning the knob. This will make it easier to better manage the fight when you’re trying to catch a trophy fish.

Being in low gear makes it easier for the angler when they are in a long fight with the catch. As the fish tires out, you can easily crank up the gears and bring in more lines back to the fishing reel. With that said, there are no alternatives that bring a better value proposition to the anglers. While using this unit, It is pretty easy for anglers to maximize the efficiency of their setup without going out of budget.

All the anglers are incredibly satisfied with this purchase and the only problem that they have to deal with is the wet drag system issue. Luckily, these issues are not substantial enough to heavily impact your purchase decision. So, if you’re interested in this reel and it perfectly matches your requirements then there are no issues with adding Penn Squall 50VSW to your setup.

Should You Purchase Penn Squall 50VSW?

A question that anglers ask most often is whether or not they should make the purchase of a particular fishing accessory. To be straightforward, there is no one unit that perfectly fits the requirements of all anglers. In the end, you have to carefully evaluate all alternatives, prices, water conditions, the type of fish you want to catch, and so much more to make an educated decision. So, if you are looking for an affordable unit that is better suited for larger fish then Penn Squall 50VSW should be a good option.

However, to be sure, you will have to reach out to the local experts and seek their opinion. You can also ask them to let you try the unit a few times on their fishing trip. That way, you can get a clear idea of the dragging feeling as well as the overall unit performance. At the end of the day, if you’re not satisfied with the unit performance, then you can always go for more expensive alternatives.

All in all, there are not many brands that offer similar features or durability in the same price range. So, if you can’t afford to go out of budget just to get a few extra features then Penn Squall 50VSW is a good option for you.

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