Aquos Haswing Trolling Motor Reviews – Is It Good?

aquos haswing trolling motor reviews
aquos haswing trolling motor reviews

If you’re looking for reliable trolling motor brands, then Minn Kota should be the only viable option. Even though there are other companies that offer similar build quality and features, you won’t be able to find the same balance between working efficiency and the price point. So, if you have a flexible budget, then going with the Minn Kota trolling motor is the best choice for you. With that said, quite a few users have asked about the Aquos Haswing Trolling motor. It is also a reliable unit that is used by thousands of anglers. So, let’s cover a few reviews to help you make a better purchase decision regarding Aquos Haswing trolling motor.

Aquos Haswing Trolling Motor Reviews

This trolling motor has received a lot of positive reviews, and it is quite difficult to find an angler that didn’t think that trolling motor is worth the purchase. The best thing about this unit is that it offers responsive controls and superior performance when compared with some of the other brands in the market. So, even though you won’t get the same number of features, it won’t run into any issues when it comes to the basic functionality of the unit. So, make sure to make a purchase on Aquos Haswing if you’re in need of a reliable and durable unit.

The only downside to having this motor is that it doesn’t work that well in rough weather conditions. Irregular waves in the water, as well as excessive water going into the foot control, can impact the overall efficiency of the unit. So, if you live somewhere with unfavorable water conditions, you will have to be extra careful with the unit. Otherwise, you will be looking at some expenses in the form of replacement components.

Other than this problem with the weather, the Aquos Haswing trolling motor is a phenomenal unit that is used by many experts. The durable frame and the minimal design of the controller make it effortless to manage the motor. While the foot control is a bit bulky when compared to the trolling motor, there have been no reports regarding the functionality of this unit. So, as long as you cover up the unit and keep it protected from excessive moisture, then it will serve you perfectly.

The primary concern of anglers with the trolling motor can often be traced back to the battery life and the power. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about these issues with Aquos Haswing because of its phenomenal efficiency over extended use. As long as you’re using the motor for a slow troll, it will last for several hours, and you won’t have to recharge the unit.

With that said, you won’t have to concern yourself with any extra installation steps, and Aquos Haswing trolling motor is one of the most beginner-friendly trolling motors in the market. There are not many units that can compete with its performance, and you will also benefit from an extended warranty policy. So, even if your unit runs into some issues, you can reach out to the dealer, and he will help you get ahead of all problems with the trolling motor.

How Does It Compare with Minn Kota Motors?

When comparing this unit with Minn Kota, you will find that the Aquos Haswing brings better consistency to the users. Even though you will enjoy a long list of features with the Minn Kota unit, these motors won’t surpass Aquos Haswing in terms of performance. So, depending upon your priorities and the range of features in your motor, going with Aquos Haswing will be better for your budget, and you won’t have to purchase any replacement components in the future.

Even if your motor runs into issues, the warranty policy will cover all damages, and you can request a replacement after forwarding a warranty claim. So, your purchase is completely secure, and Aquos Haswing trolling motor is one of the most reliable options for your fishing system. With that said, if you are not dealing with any budget issues and can extend the range by a smaller margin, then going with Minn Kota motors will serve you better. The utility features on Minn Kota motors offer more convenience without having any extra toll on the budget.

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