Bull Redfish vs Redfish – The Better Choice?

bull redfish vs redfish
bull redfish vs redfish

Catching fish is a fun hobby enjoyed by people all around the world. Though, you should note that tons of varieties can be caught.

Some fish are caught just for fun while others are captured for their meat. People also catch different varieties that are then bred in fish farms.

When trying to catch any fish, it is essential that you first understand its characteristics. When it comes to this, the habits of a variety can help you in easily baiting them.

The type of lure that you use heavily depends on what these fish enjoy. Aside from this, the location is another important thing to consider.

Bull redfish and redfish are two types of fish that are often compared with each other. If you have also come across these names, then you might have wondered what the differences between them are.

At first glance, these fish look the same. Hence, we will be using this article to help you out.

Going through the comparison provided below, people should be able to understand how bull redfish are different from redfish.

Additionally, we will also provide you with further information regarding the varieties that should help you out when catching them.

Bull Redfish vs Redfish

Type Of Fish Bull Redfish Redfish
Color Of Fish Dark Red or Copper Color Dark Red or Copper Color
Spots On Fish Black Eyespot On Upper Tail Black Eyespot On Upper Tail
Size Of Fish 25 to 35 inches 15 to 20 inches
Weight Of Fish 20 to 25 kg 10 to 18 kg
Sex Of Fish Mostly Females Males and Females


Redfish is the common name used for different species of fish. These are commonly found in the deep sea along with other larger varieties.

These fish are often considered to be gamefish because of their unique characteristics. The variety tends to fight on a pole when trying to capture it.

This is the main reason why tons of professional fishermen try catching redfish. The difficulty and competition that a variety like this offer is enjoyed by people.

You should note that the saltwater variety is also popular in most regions because of its meat.

redfish hand

You can find these roaming around near the Atlantic coastline where the variety is considered to be one of the most exciting fish to catch.

On top of this, the high levels of vitamins and nutrients make this a healthy variety to eat. Keep in mind that the fat content also makes the meat delicious.

This can be amazing and there are tons of methods that can be used to prepare the meat. Depending on which one you go for, the taste of the variety will be different.

This is why you should try out different techniques before deciding on one.

Some people wonder what the best way to cook redfish is. When it comes to this, the only thing that you need to worry about is preparing the fillet.

Other than this, the fish can be cooked using any recipe you enjoy. This is because everyone has unique tastes and preferences.

People can even add seasonings and sauces to their recipes to make them taste better.


When it comes to this, make sure that you add these in a limited quantity. This is because using a lot of seasonings can overpower the taste of a variety.

Getting to the size of the fish, you will notice that these mostly range from 15 to 20 inches.

This is considered to be large and on top of this, these varieties weigh around 10 to 18 kg. The color ranges from shades of dark red to a copper color which fades into a white color around the belly.

These are generally some of the best ways to identify the variety if you happen to catch them.

Though, it should be noted that a large fish like this is usually quite difficult to capture even for professionals. This is why you must go prepared beforehand to avoid problems later on.

Common issues that fishermen run into are their lines and rods breaking because the redfish started pulling against them.

Purchasing reliable equipment is the best way to avoid issues like these.

Bull Redfish

Going through the information provided above, most people should be able to understand what redfish are and how these can be caught.

When it comes to bull redfish, people should note that these are also often considered drum redfish. These are one of the varieties from the family of redfish.

Hence, you should note that the main reason these varieties look similar is that they are the same fish.

The only reason why the name bull redfish is used is so that it can be easier for fishermen to distinguish these varieties. Standard redfish grow up to 15 to 20 inches in length which is a large size.

bull redfish

However, some of these fish will further grow up to 25 to 25 inches during spawning seasons.

This is when the redfish is considered to be a bull or bull redfish because of its massive size. The weight also goes up to 20 to 25 kg, even reaching 30 kg at times.

Bull redfish are the same as every redfish which is why the steps required to catch them are also the same.

The taste of meat, the color of the fish, and even the characteristics are all the same. This should be obvious as the varieties are the same fish, but another thing should be noted.

Bull redfish are mostly females because the variety gains size while it is laying eggs.

This is why if you are trying to catch larger redfish then you should visit locations near spawning seasons. The simple step increases your chances of finding bull redfish instead of standard redfish.

Though it should be noted that catching bull redfish is usually tied down to your luck as smaller redfish will also roam around getting attracted to the same bait.

As long as you understand this, finding the variety should be a lot easier and simple.

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