4 Solutions To Garmin Force Trolling Motor Won’t Turn On

garmin force trolling motor won't turn on
garmin force trolling motor won’t turn on

Garmin Force trolling motor is one of the most popular units on the market because of its durability. However, every once in a while, you will come across anglers complaining about Garmin Force trolling motors not turning on. There can be a ton of factors that can play into this situation, and most are related to power connections.

The following details on why your Garmin Force trolling motor won’t turn on should improve your understanding of the motor, and hopefully, you will be able to fix the unit yourself if you ever get into the same situation.

Garmin Force Trolling Motor Won’t Turn On Fix:

  1. Check Battery Status

The trolling motor battery status indicator will help you keep track of the voltage levels at all times. If the motor doesn’t turn on, then you need to make sure that the battery is in good shape.

Almost every angler that complained about this issue with the Garmin trolling motors pointed out that their batteries were drained out. So, you need to either make use of the display panel or get yourself a multimeter to check the voltage output from the battery,

  1. Inspect Power Cables

If the battery voltage is sufficient and matches the requirements of the motor, then you need to inspect the power cable for possible issues. There is a good chance that the power cable has frayed sections, or it is kinked at a weird angle.

So, before anything else, you need to check the condition of these cables and then get them replaced if they are indeed damaged. You won’t be able to get any performance out of the machine until the power connections are managed appropriately and the motor is receiving a sufficient supply of voltage.

  1. Check For Obstructions

At this point, you need to make sure that there is nothing blocking the propeller from rotating. If the display panel powers up and you’re only dealing with responsiveness issues related to the motor, then you need to check the propeller. Ideally, servicing the propeller should get the motor working again.
You should further check for loose connection points and then try to power cycle the motor one more time. The experts on Garmin customer support are pretty responsive and help customers through any and every issue with the trolling motors. So, if the issue is not fixed after servicing the propeller, then you need a new unit.

  1. Stow & Deploy Motor

Sometimes, the fix is as simple as stowing and deploying the motor. It is pretty common for anglers to interfere with the deployment of the unit, and the motor won’t turn on until it is fully deployed. So, to stay ahead of this complication, you need to stow the motor and deploy it completely. Make sure that you’re not in shallow waters, and that should be enough to start your system.

If your Garmin Force is not defective, then it should start without further complications. However, if you’re still stuck in the same problem, it might be a better idea to claim a warranty on your device.

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