5 Self-Checks To Do When Garmin Striker 4 Won’t Turn On

Garmin Striker 4 Won't Turn On
Garmin Striker 4 Won’t Turn On

The Striker 4 model from Garmin might be one of the most successful devices ever launched by this brand, but that doesn’t mean that it is free from errors. Many anglers have recently been running into issues where the Garmin Striker 4 won’t turn on, and many factors can play towards this issue. Most of the time, these issues are only related to the power provided to the Garmin unit, and you should look towards the battery and wiring-related compilations. So, if you’re struggling with the same issue and the Garmin Striker 4 won’t turn on, then try out these solutions.

How To Fix Garmin Striker 4 Won’t Turn On

1. Change Power Source

The power source is one of the leading reasons why your unit might not be turning on as you press the power button. If your battery has been in storage for a while, then it can impact the charge inside the unit. So, you will need to either fully charge the battery or try a different power source that provides optimal output to the Garmin system. You can further rely on a multimeter to check the output from the battery to isolate the issue.

2. Reconnect Power Cable

Reconnecting the power cable is the next thing that you need to consider when the Garmin Striker 4 won’t turn on. If the cable is in good shape and it doesn’t seem too rough, then reconnecting it should be your first move. There is a chance that you didn’t connect the wire properly, and firmly securing the connectors in the port will help you fix the issue with the device not turning on.

3. Check the Fuse

You need to also take a look at the fuse installed in line with the power wire, as that can impact the condition of your Garmin Striker 4 system. The inline fuse is present to protect your device in case of a power surge. So, when the fuse is blown, you won’t be able to supply any power to the system with the same wire. In this condition, your only move is to get a different power cable and then try using the Garmin system again.

4. Clean Connectors

Next, you should also check the condition of the connectors, as light corrosion can also hinder power through the Garmin system. You won’t be able to turn on the Garmin Striker 4 system until the connectors are in good shape. So, just clean the connectors, and try pressing the power button again.

5. Call Garmin Dealer

Ideally, your unit should be fixed at this point, and you’ll be able to turn it on by pressing the power button. However, if there are hardware issues with the Garmin unit, then the only solution is to claim the warranty. Almost all the issues with the Garmin Striker 4 not turning on can be related to a defective wire or a faulty power source. If that is not the case for you, then calling the Garmin dealer is the only real solution for you.

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