Halibut vs Cod: What’s The Difference

halibut vs cod
halibut vs cod

Fish is some of the healthiest food that you can possibly eat. They are filled with protein, minerals, and vitamins that are all great for your health.

There is a wide variety of fish, each with its own unique taste, which is why it can often be hard to choose between any two fish.

Most of the time, it is a good idea to choose a fish that is wild-caught and maintains more protein.

So, if you’re new to the market and don’t know which fish to purchase, then going with popular options like Halibut or Cod is a good idea.

It all comes down to maximizing the protein intake while still limiting the calories in the system. However, the most crucial thing that you need to keep in mind is that the fish should be wild-caught. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your diet.

Halibut vs Cod

Halibut and cod are two really popular species of fish that many people like to eat. However, we have seen plenty of users make a comparison between the two fishes.

As they do not have much idea on which one of them should be the better option for them, many confuse them for one another.

If you are also someone who has found himself in a similar spot and has no idea which one of the two you should choose, then here’s a detailed comparison between halibut vs Cod:

Specifics  Halibut  Cod
Flavor  Strong Mild
Texture Dense Flaky
Servings Used As Steak Used As Filets
Color Dark Brown Sandy Brown
Calories 104 94
Protein 22g 24g

When you look at both of these options, there are undoubtedly more similarities than differences. The overall size and the color are not that different, but you will still get a unique flavor and a flaky texture with the Cod.

So, if you’re not a fan of the robust flavor offered by Halibut, try out Cod first.

You won’t be able to make out their exact color when looking at them from a distance. So, it can take a while to correctly identify Cod from Halibut when you’re new to fishing.

However, with a bit of practice, you’ll know exactly how to differentiate between these two options.

Most people like to stick with Halibut because of its stronger flavor. If you’re testing out new recipes and need something to overwhelm other ingredients, then going with the Halibut is the better option.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to develop a delicacy that relies more on a milder presence, then going with Cod is a good idea.

It all comes down to which fish will better serve your needs, and going with either one of these options for your next meal is not a bad idea.

When you closely look at the protein and the calories, the difference is not that much. You will get a bit more protein from the Cod while the calories are still pretty minimal.

Similarly, you won’t get as much protein from the Halibut as it can bring 104 calories to your diet.


So, if you’re trying to lose weight and need protein to help retain muscle mass, then going with the Cod option is the best choice. Here are more details to help you finalize the decision. 


Halibut, also commonly known as the largest flatfish, has a delicate flavor with a meaty and dense texture. Because of its unique texture and rich taste, halibut stands out as a fish of that particular category.

The fish also goes by the nickname “the steak of the sea” in Alaska as they are a popular species of fish, especially in that region.

Not only does it have a light, sweet and mild flavor, but you can also pair the fish with various other dishes. Even though halibut is a popular option, it is also a pricey one.


Before you attempt to eat halibut, you should remove the skin as its skin can be really tough to eat.

Another thing about halibut is that it can never be overcooked, even in the slightest. The reason behind it is simply because the fish will dry out whenever overcooked. This also requires you to keep an eye on the timings for cooking the fish.

In physical appearance, halibut seems like any ordinary fish with a white underbelly and a dark brown top. On top of that, the fish has really small scales that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

These fish have a firm and dense texture compared to cod. Halibut is usually served in the form of a steak.

Halibuts usually live in the rock bottom part of the sea, where they feed off of other creatures. They usually go after any type of fish that can fit inside their mouth. That said, halibut is rich in nutrients and low in fat.

It has all the important minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Due to its firm texture, you can either opt for simmering, frying, or grilling the fish.


However, you still need to make sure that there are no excessive preservatives around the fish and that it was caught fresh.

Going with a wild-caught fish is almost always the better option, even if you have to pay a bit more for this meat. So, be sure to extend your budget and go with a wild-caught fish.

That will be much better in the long run, and you won’t notice any adverse impact on your health.


Cod is a demersal fish that is usually found inside the deeper parts of the ocean. They have 2 anal fins along with 3 rounded dorsal fins.

They are quite unique in appearance as their upper jaw reaches over their lower jaw with a white line running all the way from their gill silt to their tail fin.

Both the Atlantic and Pacific cod are the two most popular species that you can find.

Cod has dense, white flesh with a flaky texture. However, the unique thing about this particular fish, in general, is its light taste. Compared to every other fish, including halibut, cod has a light taste that is easier for the mouth.

Cod liver oil is a crucial product that you may have seen in the market. It is a famous product that is in the liver of cod.


Due to cod’s rich nutritional factors, the oil has all the important nutrients, including Omega-three fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D.

Another interesting fact about cod liver is that you can store it using the canning process and safely eat it without receiving any sort of harm. Compared to halibut, which is usually served as steaks, Cod is mostly served as filets.

Cod is a good option for those who usually don’t really enjoy seafood. The reason is simply because of their light taste and flaky texture.

Furthermore, you can actually find countless cod recipes as they are some of the most popular categories of fish that you can find in the market.

Which One Should You Choose?

On the debate of which one of the two options you should choose for yourself, the answer purely depends. First, you need to determine the reason why you want to use either of them in the first place.


If it’s to follow a unique recipe, then you will have to check what kind of taste you are going after.

Nonetheless, here’s a short comparison between the halibut VS cod to give you a better overview:

  • Both halibut and cod are demersal fish.
  • Halibut is usually more expensive when compared to cod.
  • Halibut features a strong taste compared to cod which comes with a much lighter taste.
  • Both of them feature high nutritional value.
  • Halibut is served in the form of steaks, whereas cod is served as a filet.

The Bottom Line:

Comparing cod vs halibut, here are some important highlights that we recommend you read before you finally decide on which option should be the better choice for you.


If you want our personal recommendation, then we would simply advise you to determine how you are planning to use either of them.

Do keep in mind that if you aren’t that big of a seafood fan, we recommend you opt for cod. That’s because it should be a much better option in that case. Not only does it feature a light taste, but you should also get to enjoy various unique recipes.

However, if pricing isn’t a problem for you, and you are fine with a stronger taste, then halibut can be a great option.    

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