6 Common Lowrance Hook2 4X Problems and Their Solutions

lowrance hook2 4x problems
lowrance hook2 4x problems

Anglers usually travel a lot when trying to find specific varieties. This is why having equipment that will make their trip easier can be important.

Tons of devices can be bought but GPS is some of the top options. Recently people have been talking about the Lowrance Hook2 4x.

While the Lowrance Hook2 4x presents a reasonable price to the owners, there are not many good reviews on this unit.

Users seem to be disappointed with the compatibility issues and the overall lack of features on this unit.

So, you will just be wasting your money on a unit that doesn’t bring a decent value to your setup.

It would just be better to go for a device that offers more features at a more expensive rate. There is a long list of problems that anglers have pointed out with the Lowrance Hoo2 4x.

Sometimes these issues can be fixed by implementing basic troubleshooting steps.

However, the majority of issues are pretty annoying to deal with, and you’ll have to call the company.

Lowrance Hook2 4X Problems

  1. Vertical Lines On Display

Issues with the vertical lines on Hook2 4x are pretty common. These vertical lines are usually caused by issues with the transducer connection.

So, most of the time, you can just fix the problem by securing the transducer cable properly in the port.

Make sure that the transducer is pushed in all the way to avoid any extra problems with the unit.

People should mostly be able to hear a clicking sound which helps in confirming. However, if the issue persists, then there might be something wrong with the unit configurations.

You will need to go through the configurations again and minimizing the range and depth settings should yield better results.

This can be technical for beginners, but it is important that you learn how the display can be set up. When it comes to this, several steps can help you out.

The first thing that should be noted is that the device comes with a manual. This contains step-by-step instructions on how you can configure the GPS.

Although, if you have lost the manual then a copy of it can be downloaded online.

The only thing that you need to do is visit the official website for Lowrance and then enter the exact model of your device.

This should provide you with all of its details as well as a copy of the manual. Alternatively, another method that you can go with is watching video guides online.

  1. Losing Depth Error

A ton of issues have been recorded about the system losing depth as soon as the boat starts moving.

Luckily, this issue is not that serious, and anglers are mostly dealing with excessive interference due to bubbles in the water.

water bubble

Waiting a few seconds to let the flow stabilize is a good option to get the depth back on your unit.

If the depth doesn’t come back after a few seconds, then changing the location of the transducer should be your first move. Make sure to pick a spot with minimal interference.

This is quite easy as you can check different spots on the GPS and then select ones where there might be fewer issues.

You can now try running the boat in the new location again and you will notice that the depth problems won’t appear again.

You can also discuss in online forums and ask people if there are any areas with low interference.

This is also a great way of finding fishing spots where your desired varieties can be found. So, make sure that you try going through these websites at least once.

  1. No Reading On Lowrance Hook2 4x

There are also complaints regarding no reading on the unit at any time. This issue with the unit often occurs when users ignore the care requirements for too long.

So, if you’re in a situation with no reading on the unit then it is time to clean the transducer.


People can mostly avoid the problem by taking care of the GPS. This is quite easy as the only thing you need to do is ensure that the device is kept clean at all times.

As long as you keep this up, problems like these will be avoided so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you are already running into the issue then ideally, cleaning the bottom of the transducer should fix the issue, but some anglers have pointed out that issues with the cable can also lead to a similar problem.

So, make sure to inspect the cable for frayed or damaged sections.

Sometimes people might notice that the cables have small breaks or cracks on them.

These usually indicate that the wire has gotten damaged. The main reason behind the problem is improper routing which is why this should be avoided at all costs.

damage wire

People should note that if the cables are already damaged then their only option is to replace them with new ones. Doing so can be technical for some users so make sure that you contact a specialist.

  1. Dark Screen On GPS

If your screen goes dark at any point, there is no need to get alarmed. You’ve just messed up the lighting configurations of the unit, and simply power cycling the unit should reset the configurations.

Pressing the power button once is enough to get ahead of this issue, and there are no extensive steps involved when it comes to fixing the problem with the dark screen.

Though people should note that giving their devices some rest is also important.

The only thing that should be done is to leave your GPS switched off for several minutes.

This gives the device enough time to clear its memory and refresh it so that new information can be stored. The process also helps in fixing most configuration problems like these.

  1. Flickering Issues On GPS

The integrity of the electrical connections deteriorates over time, and you will often struggle to maintain the quality of connections if you don’t clean the unit every month.

Flickering issues with the unit can point toward these issues with the electrical wiring.

If you notice this, then the first thing you should do is clean the connection points to get ahead of these problems.

multimeter closeup

These might be covered with dust that might be preventing current from flowing through the wires. As long as you remove the clog, your problem should be fixed.

Using a multimeter is another surefire method of isolating the problem.

You just have to match the power reading on the unit with the requirements mentioned in the manual. If there is no reading in the connections, then you need to replace broken wires in your system.

People who don’t already have a multimeter with them can borrow this from a friend.

However, it is recommended that you purchase the device as it can come in handy when trying to troubleshoot most electrical devices. This should also save you from a lot of problems later on.

  1. Few Minor Bugs and Errors

There are also many reports regarding bugged display and missing reading on the file.

These minor bugs are quite annoying to deal with, and you will need to reset the Lowrance Hook2 to fix this problem. In most situations, a soft reset should be enough to eliminate these bugged readings.

Although if the issue still impacts the device, then factory default settings are your only option.

This is the default state that your GPS came in when you bought it. People can return the device to these settings by resetting it from the configurations tab.

Most of these issues can be fixed relatively easily when you’re consistently following the monthly servicing cycle.

However, if the unit is new and it has only been a few weeks since you installed this device, then call the dealer regarding any issue you’re facing.

He will guide you through the troubleshooting process as long as you provide him with all the information required regarding the device.

This works in most cases but if it does not then send your device back to the dealer for repairs.

People who still have a warranty left can get free repairs in most cases. Just make sure that you go through the guidelines once to ensure this.

If you have lost the warranty guidelines, then a copy of it can be downloaded online. This is necessary to ensure that the warranty can be claimed.

The steps mentioned above are enough to understand most of the problems that you can run into as well as how these can be fixed.

People should note that there are mostly negative things about the device when compared with positive stuff.

This is why instead of wasting your money, you should invest in getting a reliable GPS. The only reason why someone would go for the Lowrance Hook2 4x device is if they are getting it for a cheap price.

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  1. following instructions and pressing & holding down ‘on’ switch for 3 seconds fails to turn on the unit, there is power to the connection to the unit, any suggestions?

  2. unit won’t go, says stopped , and gps is in simulation mode, this is a new unit, first time on the water, not happy


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