3 Solutions For Lowrance Hook2 Sonar Not Working

lowrance hook2 sonar not working
lowrance hook2 sonar not working

While Lowrance has established itself as one of the most reliable brands in the market, it is quite common to see users complain about different minor issues with the sonar. Most of the time, these issues are related to the wiring section and can be managed quite easily by replacing the broken wires. However, it is always better to seek expert opinion by calling customer support if the warranty on your unit is valid. Recently there have been many reports regarding Lowrance Hook2 Sonar not working. If you’re also interested in the same unit, then the following list of problems will give you a better perspective on its purchase.

Lowrance Hook2 Sonar Not Working

1. No Display

The most common problem that you will find users complaining about is that the display will turn off at random times, and you won’t be able to get the unit working again. The majority of factors that contribute to this issue can be traced back to problems with the power input. So, you’ll need to isolate the problem to the connectors, pins, and wiring.

Start the inspection by verifying the integrity of the cable system. If there are kinked wires or damaged sections, then your only option is to replace the wiring cluster and check the display again. With that said, if you’re sure that there is nothing wrong with the display, then you can move on to the inspection of the connectors and pins.

It is not that rare for rust build-up and loose connections to create problems with the power flow in your unit. So, make sure to clean out the connection points and fix the wiring cluster to get ahead of this issue. Using a diluted vinegar solution is pretty effective for dealing with corrosion on the connection points. Other than that, you can also purchase rust removers from the market.

2. Inaccurate Readings

In some situations, the unit will operate perfectly, but you won’t be able to get accurate readings on display. If you’re in a similar situation, then you should start by inspecting the connection of the transducer with the display unit. Make sure that the connections are secured properly, and there are no issues with the connecting wires.

After performing the basic inspection on the electrical units, you need to check the installation of the transducer. Most often than not, you’ll find that the angle of the transducer is not managed properly. This issue is quite common for users that are new to fishing and don’t really know much about managing the positioning of fish finders.

If you’ve installed the unit yourself, then there is a good chance that you’re running into this problem because of a bad angler. You can easily get around this installation error by going through the owner’s manual again and fixing the position of the transducer. Similarly, reaching out to customer support is also a good option if you don’t have access to the owner’s manual. Ideally, the issue will be fixed after you manage the angle of the transducer.

3. Feezed Display

Aside from the power issues with the display, you’ll often run into situations where the display will freeze up, and you won’t get any new information on the screen. This can be quite annoying when you’re trying to find a new spot after moderate success in your current location. To get around this problem with the Hook2, the best thing you can do is perform a soft reset on the screen.

You can try to reset the power connection to the unit completely and then access the features again. If it freezes again, then you will have to do a hard reset on the system. While it can remove some of the customization options from the screen, it will help you better manage the fishing experience in the long run.

After resetting the unit, you just have to configure the Hook2 according to your local water conditions. After that, everything should be fixed. With that said, it is always a good practice to check the integrity of the transducer connectors when you’re running into these problems. Hopefully, this list of common problems will help you make a better purchase decision and troubleshoot problems with the Lowrance unit.

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