Shimano Stradic FL vs FK – What’s The Difference?

shimano stradic fl vs fk
shimano stradic fl vs fk

The latest lineup from Shimano might not be the cheapest in the market, but it is second to none in terms of fishing performance. All the units from the brand are more oriented towards maximizing performance.

Additionally, tons of newer features have been added to these tools.

So, you can’t think of Shimano as a budget brand that offers options for entry-level anglers. Rather, Shimano is a premium option with one of the most phenomenal portfolios in the fishing market.

Going through these models is important as there are several varying features between them.

The recent addition to the Shimano Stradic lineup, Shimano Stradic FL, and FK has piqued the interest of many experts.

However, the vast majority of these experts seem to be confused about the differences between Shimano Stradic FL vs FK. So, here are a few specifics on both of these fishing reels.

Going through the comparison provided below should help people in understanding how these fishing reels are different from each other.

This should also allow users to select a device that will suit their preferences while also lasting them a much longer time.

Shimano Stradic FL VS FK

Shimano Fishing Reels Shimano Stradic FL Shimano Stradic FK
Number Of Features More Features Fewer Features
Durability Of Fishing Reel High Durability Low Durability
Price Of Fishing Reel High Premium Price Low Price
Comfortability Not Comfortable Comfortable To Use
Design Of Fishing Reel Designed For Larger Fish Designed For Smaller Fish

Shimano Stradic FL

Shimano is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best reels in the entire world. The company has come up with tons of products that offer high quality and performance.

These reels also include some of the best features that can be used to catch tons of fish.


The reels from the brand are manufactured in Japan and then shipped all around the world. If you are interested in purchasing a fishing reel from them then it is best that you first go through their official website.

This should help you in learning about the different products being sold.

The Shimano Stradic FL is the newer model for the Stradic series and brings a ton of utility features that you can’t find in the standard Shimano Stradic FK.

These can play a huge role while you are fishing so make sure that you keep these in mind when purchasing the fishing reel.

In most cases, you can think of the Stradic FL as the superior option that has updated features and a more substantial structure when compared with Shimano Stradic FK.

The only downside to choosing this reel over the Shimano Stradic FK is that you will have to pay a bit of a premium.

Other than that, the Stradic FL is always the better choice between these two models from Shimano. The basic features that differentiate Stradic FL from FK are the better drag system, spool, and the presence of a silent drive.

You won’t find these features along with some accessibility options like the Micro Module gear and the Hagane Gear. So, keep that in mind if you’re trying to maximize the performance of your fishing system.

The lack of features might be a huge downside for tons of users.

While these features from Stradic FL might not seem like much, they have a huge impact on the fishing results when you’re trying to catch heavier fish.

However, if you’re a casual angler who prefers comfort over all of these features, then there is no harm in going with the Stradic FK.

According to most reviews, the FK is easier to use and manage when you’re trying to find a smaller reel. Owners are not too happy about the longer spool and the substantial reel structure brought forward by the Stradic FL.

Even though Stradic FK is not that small in comparison, at least you won’t have to worry about banding your fingers into the frame every time you’re in a fight.


So, if you’re someone who values comfort over the final performance, then going with Stradic FL might not be a suitable option for you.

 Shimano Stradic FK

The Stradic FK is a fishing reel that is better known for its comfort when you’re comparing it side by side with Stradic FL.

Even though it might not have all the latest features, the vast majority of experts rely on this fishing reel on a consistent basis.

As it is an older model, you will find this fishing reel to be more common in your local market. So, you can get opinions from local experts and try out their systems to get a better feel for the Shimano Stradic FK.

In terms of basic functionality and performance, the Shimano Stradic FK is just as good as the FL.

If you’re somewhat experienced and know how to manage the rod action, there shouldn’t be an issue with securing consistent fishing results with Shimano Stradic FK.


So, you shouldn’t think of Stradic FK as an inferior unit, and there is no harm in taking a good deal on this fishing reel.

While the accessibility features brought forward by Stradic FL are superior, you should make the final decision based on the comfortability of the reel.

There is no point in spending extra money on a reel that will be harder to use.

So, demo the Stradic FL and FK for yourself and purchase the option that feels better. Overall, Stradic FK falls short in terms of features brought forward by Shimano Stradic FL.

However, many anglers have been using this reel for an extended period without any issues.

So far, customers are pretty satisfied with the comfort as well as the castability of this option. For this reason, you shouldn’t only compare the base features and try out the fishing reel to get a better idea.

Aside from this, people should note that their skill also plays a huge role when trying to catch fish.

When it comes to this, having the best fishing reel means nothing when you are not experienced with fishing. People should note that there are several things that should be taken care of here.


They should start by practicing different fishing techniques.

Aside from this, another thing people should keep in check is the location they will be fishing at. This plays a huge role as the area you are fishing in will determine how many varieties can be caught.

Other than this, the information provided above should be enough for most people to make a decision.

If you are still confused about the fishing reels then contacting the support team for Shimano is your best option.

They will provide you with all the answers required regarding these devices and even help you in picking one of them.

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